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TennWolfMan:  Thats strange indeed- WM usually calls me but this morning the Bank Manager called me and asked if I was still planning on using them when I exchanged

TBarts:  Tenn. did you tell them yes if I can come in right now!

TennWolfMan: I did indeed say yes but no exchange today…. why would they call me and ask me that if it wasnt going to happen sometime soon?

CLK4blessing:  Tenn maybe you should call your wm an see why the call of confirmation from bank…

TennWolfMan: I already called my WM and she told me all was good


GreatlyBlessed:  A failed assassination for “Nuri al-Maliki” attempt

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: A source close on Monday, the assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at his residence in Baghdad.

The source for “Sky Press,” “One of the accompanying plans for an assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at his residence in Baghdad, noting that the plan was foiled by accident.”

The source added that “those who tried to assassinate him is one Agherabh, and that the planned stand behind political blocks and you will discover more details soon.”
He noted that al-Maliki enjoys good health and high spirits. LINK

Emailed to Recaps:

Our contacts in Washington, and importantly “this information is no longer classified” (as past information provided by this source has been historically) so you may share this with all of your colleagues and associates openly, which is in itself VERY significant.

You will all be aware of the recent climate agreement reached in Paris, and many of you will also be aware that this meeting was not just about climate change, but also about world order and specifically a correction (as they call it) in the financial system.

This also confirms and signals the start of the release of monies for completion of bond redemptions, as a forerunner to the Chinese plan to reset their own currency and remove any outstanding historical debt obligations.

You will also note the significant move, announced this weekend, from China to grant residency status to the millions of urban migrants in the expanding cities, which signifies the completion of the agreement of bond redemption.

They have now released the codes to all banks and wish to see as many redemptions completed before the New Year 2016 as possible.

For those who are firmly in a confirmed closing line, you should now expect, following the unexplained delays that you would have seen over the past week due to the extended climate negotiations, to see your transactions complete imminently.

Yes. There is NOTHING more to be done now except to complete the transactions and thus payment for your bonds and currency based on the structure you have agreed.