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MyMoose :  Just a small snippet, I talked to my bank contact two days ago and was told there was a phone conference meeting about the RV supposed to happen this morning… Seems like it is lining up with the intel I see here…


Wolfy’s bank info 12-18-15  Date: 11:04 AM Dec 18, 2015

TennWolfMan:  My WM told me to call her today by 12 noon est if I hadnt heard from her.  So I waited until around 12 noon and called.

She told me the rates were still on the screens and was still off of the hold that has been placed on them.  She said they were waiting on the release to come down the channel from their upper bank management.

She said thats all they were waiting on. She assured me that she had my personal info on file and I would get a call when (not if) it was released to be exchanged.

She is excited because she also owns currency. She told me she was working a 30 day notice after RV to help train someone else and then she was gone. Thats it for now.. Wolfy out–peace to you all


[R&R] I just love how government passes sweeping onimbus legislation in the 11th hour, right before two week vacation, at the end of the year, and then they leave almost immediately. Of course, that sets the wheels in motion for what WE want, but also lets them leave without answering any questions! LOL

[R&R] Isn’t that how our Fed was created? Over a Christmas holiday while the world was shopping? 🙂