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platinumrunway : Good Evening everyone

platinumrunway : This is what I have guys…My WM stated that no one worked late tonight due to extended hours all weekend. They are preparing for exchanges this week. One twist to this – rates disappeared then reappeared again. Rates appear to be actual exchange rates.

jumpinjackflash :  Platinum – are the rates Goooooooooooooooood?

platinumrunway : Bank employees are still not in the know. The rates are unbelievable  (described by source). There is another sleeper currency, and it has been mentioned, not Zim. There is going to be an opportunity to exchange a little this year (sleeper currency?), and capitalize big in 2016.

platinumrunway : You can exchange a little now to take care of bills etc, … Then remember – Tony said it would be “greater later”.  Everyone will have to make their own personal choice. I’m not an accountant or a tax attorney.

platinumrunway : Banks are not scheduled to be open Christmas…Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently.

SassyD : Plat – Did they do exchanges over the weekend ??

platinumrunway : Sassy – just prep as far as I know

platinumrunway :  Good night everyone, tomorrow is another day.