In FRANK26 

[Text from Iraqi citizen, Eddie] Mr. Frank on Iraqi television news today is saying the United States of America has helped Iraq with building and supporting the currency of Iraq so that Iraq will be accepted throughout the world and makes our currency even stronger. Saying the Central Bank of Iraq and the United States of America have worked together and the United States of America has been the major reason why our currency will be world widely acceptable and stable. Parliament Financing is also announcing on Iraqi television that they are stopping all pay for the month until further notice.

And then Rafidain banking is offering to us special awards to open accounts at their bank giving citizens interest on accounts as financial reward for opening accounts and they’re telling us stop hoarding the dinar at home.  Bring it in.” Bring in the three zeros…it’s down to three weeks or less…the government of Iraq is in a hurry now to have the CBI show the new exchange rate internationally because of Donald Trump.  Not only for the HCL. Not only for the retirees.  Not only for the salaries.  But for you a citizen of Iraq.  You are about to be a currency hub of the Middle East. A powerhouse. One to one with the United States of America currency.