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platinumrunway (Per SassyD:

  1. If you’re talking about the exchange a little now and the rest later, it’s pretty simple….
  2. Trying to stay positive with this, but when you know someone keeps letting the air out of your tires just to make you late for work, it’s rather annoying.
  3. I still believe before Christmas … today is still a great window.
  4. My wealth manager has not spent much time with his family. He says “If it does not go this week, there are going to be individuals willing to tell all.”
  5. Plus – they hold currency.
  6. It has become a boiler room situation worldwide… no one is smiling at the U.S. any further.
  7. They cannot do this much longer.
  8. The excuses they can’t use any further: timing, Iraq, Obama, documents need to be signed, running test. China is not buying it any further.
  9. Think about it who has the power to single handed dump 1 trillion into the market to make it appear to stabilize.
  10. Also every time it’s a crisis and it is financial, all of a sudden it’s stabilized with a financial band-aid.
  11. The markets, for example… we have been waiting for all hell to break loose and POW!… someone dumps money into the market.
  12. Oh mom’s done talking, the belt has come out.marduk5656 L So plat – are you saying that the process has been stopped again?

    platinumrunway : I’m saying the process is moving, but someone keeps placing thumbtacks on the street.

    platinumrunway :  well guys – take care, off to (work).

    Tennwolfman : OK, here is what I have gotten this morning so far -China is pissed and fed up with delays, China knows who are the ones that are holding this up.

    Personally, I don’t expect this to go before Christmas, but I do think it will go before the end of the year. (However) I wouldn’t place money on either one.

    I am still waiting to hear from two other sources on this.

    I hope I am wrong about “before Christmas” – it is just my opinion based on what info I have received so far.

    Tennwolfman : “Wealth Manager says they are still on standby/alert but banking as usual…I am more confused, after this weekend, than ever.”

    Tennwolfman : What I get is only info and its not intel… so anything can change or be totally different (a day later) …Have a great day – I’m gone.

    Iko Ward wrote:More of the same, guys, varied movement, crude markets merging, Forex a bit more extreme. Forget what Abadi signed with China, it’s what they haven’t signed that we are interested in.

    12/22/15 – Zimbabwe announced the adoption of “the Chinese yuan,” an official currency in the country, after Beijing exempted from its debts, which amounted to forty million dollars.

    In this context, the minister Patrick Chaanamaza said that “China has confirmed the cancellation of all debt owed by us and we are in the process of ending the recent financial accounts.”

    Patrick added, “The Chinese yuan Zimbabwe adoption as the official currency in the country, will contribute to the lifting of trade exchange with Beijing proportion”