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Elmerf123456: For the Family Merry Christmas everyone ! Yes we all have been challenged in 2015 but never once should you consider what we have been through a repeat of the past for it is not!

Do not cave-in, do not stress, do not panic, and don’t fall prey to the naysayers, for the journey has been long, but no way has it been in vain for the end is near!

All the signs are all around and what we’ve told you over the past year is coming to a head.

Keep your minds about you and don’t let anyone tell you something different!

I’m stating congratulations in advance. Your patience will be well rewarded And it’s your job to improve your lives and others too.

God Bless all of you and remain mentally strong and confident for our wait will not be much longer. Seasons Greetings! Elmer

elmerf123456: Have you seen the signals? Have you read the real articles?

Have you paid attention to all the economic indicators that are stating change.

Listen carefully because the change is here, the pressure economically have been applied and you will see the reality finally come into focus!

It’s time!


platinumrunway :  Afternoon everyone are you excited?!!!!!!

platinumrunway: Cannot express how close we really are and thats amazing!!

platinumrunway :  Guys pay close attention to what is really going on in your area. Banks are getting ready for us, a lot of hush hush at this very moment.

It will catch everyone by surprise. Stop looking directly for banks. I discovered an exchange center today!!! Never would have known it was there!

look for buildings near banking centers that appear empty with very little traffic at first, then later that evening go back and watch the parking lot. The centers are right under our noses

Oh word of advice there is law enforcement around the area and inside so don’t loiter please!!!!