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TennWolfMan:  Merry Christmas Eve to all

Tennwolfman:   I got some great news late last night that the big group was going to exchange today and we all would follow. this came from a member of the group from out west.

Tennwolfman:  2 different contacts from high in the big group called and told me the exact same thing

platinumrunwaywrote :  Tennwolfman I spoke with one of the members of that group and it has begun

Tennwolfman :  hold on tight to something -its going to be a fast ride–it has already started and its going on right now

Tennwolfman :  looks like Plat and I have recieved the same info–woooohoooo

Tennwolfman :  I am really expecting my WM to call me this morning

Tennwolfman :  no i have no idea about who is going in and who is not

Tennwolfman :  the big groups have always been scheduled to start the process

Tennwolfman :  Plat just confirmed my info in the phone calls last night–it is active

Tennwolfman :  Plat and I have different sources and they all are saying the same–its here

(Other members also verified they heard the same thing- they wished to remain anonymous)

Tennwolfman :  i have no idea how these people are going in- i have not been told that from anyone–i guess i will just wait and see

platinumrunway:  Guys we never mentioned any name of any group. Any information shared from me is confirmed through credible banking sources directly connected with the process.

Platinumrunway:  It just so happens some itel lines up therefore we have no reason to fabricate anything. I believe in integrity

Snoopy:   Even if we dont make Christmas…the after Christmas sales are even better….we can all shop till we drop…and at lower bargain prices

MotorCityGuy:  A chase branch manager who I have known 4 years and had numerous conversations Re IQD Reval suddenly left and took a job in automotive sales, which caught everyone by surprise except me…IMO he wanted to own IQD and couldn’t as a Bank employee who had trained hundreds the last 4 years

Pearle:  The world is ready. The world needs it , we need it, we are ready, we are prepared, we know what to do…

Tada:  This Christmas I want to wrap myself up in Love, Peace & Thankfulness. It feels so cozy & safe. I can’t leave home without it. It is the Goodness that keeps on giving. I can share it with all and know it will never go out of style. I give this Gift to all of you. All of you are wonderful friends & a treasure to keep. Merry Christmas Dear Ones.