Lena: So no one knows why the RV was to be a go from Friday Saturday and then turned out to be nothing? No one knows??

Appaloosa: Anyone else in here think that the Iranians taking possession of the British Oil tanker could have something to do with the dinar RV

I think Iran is sealed off from exchanging, from what Tony said. We will have to see about their regime, but I think that has to remain separate from the RV

rvalready – I agree with you. When the UST collects the foreign currency at our exchange, it goes in the US Treasury – not back to the country of origin. It is a reserve currency then for the US to use in transactions with the foreign country. Iran’s money is frozen through sanctions and they will not benefit with the RV. The US will.

  Folks, there is 190+ Countries involved in the RV, if they want to exclude someone they put them in the 2nd basket which they could do with Iran. So I don’t think Iran has anything to do with the rollout. Ray said as much this a.m. when he was asked a similar question.

Rojo:  I think it has to be about the US being asset backed or on the gold standard when we see that announcement we see RV

Renewfor:  Rojo, I think you hit it on the head…There is a compliance by all parties being asset backed that needs completion and the enormity of this project is above all our pay grades for comprehension.

RVAlready:  I think asset backing is part of the GCR, as fiat systems are failing badly. But I think backing will be done in the background for now. Eventually, I expect we will get new currency

Starchaser:  all participating countries in Global RV have various assists backing up their currency already,,diamonds,oil,rare minerals,etc. to be in this….. That is part of why this took so long because each country had to prove out it’s currency value and then be judged by other parties to be accepted

Briona:  Since they are already exchanging high wealth individuals, this indicates to me that it is going, albeit at a snails pace.

Starchaser:  briona is right- this is a slow avalanche coming to us but we are the last in line thus unfortunately at the tail end. We weren’t originally supposed to be in this but internet and returning troops opened up the door for us as well as PO 13303

Rojo:  I was on a cc last night and an international banker called the host a long time friend and stated that he saw signed paper work making the US asset backed the end of this month so I expect the RV to be Wed or Thurs week after this

I doubt most folks will even realize it when we become asset backed…. The IMF plan is two stage, with one layer fixed, and one layer which can be adjusted. Thus, sort off asset backed plus float…. Lynette Zang explained the system, using IMF documents, about a year ago….. Shabibi would not have put the plan together if it was not feasible

Starchaser:  I believe in this RV due to Iraqi historical currency values from when Great Britain controlled Iraq in the late 1920’s. Why to much oil as one of original OPEC founders and they cannot suppress rate forever, esp. since they produce 2 X’s as much oil at higher $ per barrel then in 1975 when it was $ 3.22

  Starchaser. correct plus all the mineral assets and rare earth materials

Starchaser:  This is a highly sophisticated and complex world-wide financial transaction. I cannot even claim to know but surface- scratching but it is real.

Starchaser, that is true and the one thing we know is that all the currencies will all be real.

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