In TNT 

Shane:  Good morning tnt I find it interesting that the Republicans and Democrats have decided to open the budget again to more spending. This seems like a good indicator that they’re expecting the budget to be paid down which coincides to what we are waiting for go RV.

Zmmstw:  Shane and without virtually any notice to the news and any public debate

Shane:  Very odd that this was signed so easily and so quickly should’ve been a big fight and debate

Yada:  The only thing is Shane, is this money we exchange into dollars, will not be converted into dollars for our government us. All of it will remain in s Reserve acct to spend in Iraq and other places so our budget willl not be effected…..A reserve account not for our government use….If anyrirhing, rhe value will strengthen our dollars. They could never pay down or pay off our national debt.

Shane:  Yada they will use this to balance against our deficit and show it as a pay down same thing they did with Kuwait….Yada and you know that’s what happened during the Clinton years same thing

Yada:  Yes. Never was it responsible for balancing Our debt as many think

Pearle:  I remember with President Clinton, there was a surplus in our budget, that he left for President Bush

Shane:  They still showed a zero deficit during the Clinton years because of Kuwait’s revaluation smoke and mirrors


The Iraqi prime minister: The level of trust between Iraq and Kuwait is far greater than the fears

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said the growing confidence between Iraq and Kuwait was far greater than previous fears between the two countries.

“The size of the confidence built, the large participants and the future prospects are far greater than the fears and obstacles between the two countries,” Abdul Mahdi said in an interview Monday evening with a number of Iraqi satellite channels.

He continued “between us and Kuwait from the participants did not exist at any time .. although there are still some outstanding problems.”

He stressed that the policy of his government depends on the diagnosis of the participants and maximize rather than relying on the points of contention.

Abdulmahdi touched on his country’s relations with the rest of the neighboring countries, noting their development over time, including relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey.

Abdul-Mahdi’s statement comes at a time when the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are witnessing a remarkable development culminating in the visit of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Baghdad on June 19 last year in a visit described as historic.

Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan visited Basra five days ago and met with his Iraqi counterpart Mohammed Al-Ani as part of the two countries’ efforts to open a free trade zone and develop their border ports in order to increase the volume of trade exchange.   link