JCNoble: Any new news today?

Dedar: Gone quiet, any time the RV will be released. Window from now to end of month…. Of course they are not going to tell us exactly the time it is going to happen. It is just going to pop one day.

Dedar: It is like we are in the shopping queue waiting our turn to reach the cash register.

Jambie67: Remember this: if 800 numbers could have come at any minute on SUNDAY night, and, yesterday, Rayren was still awaiting an update about the banking situation, and everyone was in position, and we have been told the process has already started, then we are obviously awaiting THE notification.

No new news is a good thing, because we only want 800 numbers and to begin our process. Sit tight, everyone! Just sit tight!


Tishwash:  Abdul Mahdi announces arrest warrants against 11 ministers

Abdul Mahdi: We are in the role of preparing the next budget and will be balanced projects .Abdul Mahdi: We are the file of the sanctions of the US Treasury on the legal advisers to decide .Abdul Mahdi reveals the referral of 1267 cases of corruption to the courts of integrity .Abdul Mahdi: Contact with the British Minister of Defense to discuss tensions in the region

Abdul Mahdi announces arrest warrants against 11 ministers .Abdul Mahdi: Iraq confirms the principle of protection of waterways .Abdul-Mahdi: We raised with Rohani the question of the detained vessels and stressed the importance of easing the escalation .Abdul Mahdi:

There is a continuous improvement in electricity .Abdul Mahdi: There is great interaction and cooperation between security forces and people north of Baghdad .Abdul Mahdi: We are trying to get as many women as possible who kidnapped them ..Continued   link


LounDebnc:  UBS CEO Warns of ‘Dangerous’ Bubbles Spurred by Central Banks

(Bloomberg) — UBS Group AG’s chief executive officer is sounding the alarm on fresh monetary easing just as European policy makers appear poised to deliver another helping to stimulus-hungry markets.

“I’d be very, very careful about growing further the balance sheet of central banks,’’ Sergio Ermotti said in a Bloomberg TV interview on Tuesday, ahead of the European Central Bank’s policy decision this week. “We are at a risk of creating an asset bubble.”

With global growth slowing, central banks have been forced to reverse course after spending much of last year leaning toward tightening monetary policy. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues look primed to cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point later this month, and the ECB is also on the verge of more stimulus.

For investors, the about-face has fueled an “everything rally” lifting both risk-on and risk-off assets. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index advanced 13% in the first half of the year, the best return in the six-month period since 1998. Bonds have also soared on the intense thirst for yield spurred by dovish monetary bets and a growing pile of negative-yielding debt.

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