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Elmerf123456: Good afternoon TNT. If you haven’t viewed my post in Intel and rumors…you just might want to work it into your viewing pleasure.

Needless to say I’m Happy and Excited!

Elmerf123456:¬† Finally after 5 weeks of silence from my contact across the pond ūüôā

This has been a year of many challenges both good and bad. We have been thru much pain and loss, but a loss as these only fielded our energy and commitment to drive through adversity and strive to our goal for all people of our country and live as promised in our beloved Iraq.

Our land is almost cleansed of our enemy and not without help from other nations, but ground battles victorious by our own brothers and from all sects in unison. We are a thriving nation full of promise. That promise now begins!
Siesta:  I am so happy for the people of Iraq.  A beautiful new beginning for them as a Nation.

Thanks Elmer.

PS.  I just heard from Iraqi friend that China is signing off on everything on Monday.


PlatinumRunway:  Platinum saying good-bye

Well we have all been on this journey for quite some time. I must say i enjoyed meeting everyone and learning along the way.

Now it is my time to cease any intel at this given moment. Remember to pay it forward, remember your personal individual struggles. We were destined to become something greater in this venture.

Like i have said before, you are ready, be a light in the darkness, live and love life, most of all, thank God for all the blessings that have now become a reality. Take care everyone, and never forget those on this journey who did not make it.


TennWolfMan:  A Wolfy Goodbye

This may just be my goodbye. ¬†I have been told to keep silent. As some in here alresdy know. This to me means one thing–we must be getting very very close now. ¬†When I come into chat now, I get blasted by some that ask all kinds of questions like who told you that and where did that come from and why would they ask you to keep quite when everyone else is saying what they want to.

So with this being the way it is I am not sure if I will be back in chat again. Now I wanted to let you know that I LOVE most of you very much and I only wanted to help. ¬†I think I did and now my job is done–We are there and I must stop with the info now‚Ķ.I will treasure your friendship always…

I really think this is it so I am wishing all of you the best. God bless each one of you.   Love you all РWolfy


Ivantulafitov:  Central Bank of Russia introduces new rules for currency exchange. They will come into effect from this Sunday. The regulator itself has already given an explanation for its innovations: the measure is aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing