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On TNT Chat Call today:
Heavenshome:  C. Q. are they gonna let you notfiy us when we can go to the bank and if so how?
Ray plan on both

C i have my game plan but dont’ wann jumpt hte gun and go tot he bank.. seemed to be wrong thing to do, dont’ know what todo.. called diff banks cking for info. what to do? have they give you anyidea to keep the rush from goin in?
Ray i think that due to liability issues the bank is holding actions close to their chests to release at last possible minute, if they were going to dump me with a lot of info, they are probably waiting
Ray.. banks don’t want to look wrong.. or want egg on their face….. .. you may already know it’s live before you hear it from me
Ray some of you may be at the bank when we are giving you the info to go to the bank.. do what ever you can do to connect with person in bank.. your own relationship
Ray the banks are expecting it but until we get our word we wait
Ray is still expecting monday per what he is hearing
Ray It did not process for whatever reason….. but by tonight should have more on if tomorrow is a go
C: you had mentioned something about monday being the day and i joined the call late what is the reason monday looks so immediate?
Ray: right now mon is a buzz b/c banking industry is antiicpating monday some saying tues
Ray banks have appts.. fi that one 5200 appt is true,that’s big
Ray, other banks have appt or are anticipating seeing us on monday, the banks are looking at Monday
Ray the banks have the money and I follow the money
Ray,.. if that is what they are saying I am not challenging, it we will see what happens, pus also Iraq has tings going into affect on Monday
JimBake:  Monday Monday…
(At this time Ray said some info is sensitive and not to post…so we won’t……..we all want the RV to happen ASAP  just like you all do!!)
PlatinumRunway:  So has everyone done their pre bank prep and checks?  Honestly guys start going over your plans….the pot is boiling over…. This is not a drill ok, so dont get tunnel vision assuming it is.
TennWolfMan:  I am looking for somrthing great to happen sometime tomorrow