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NewCreation:  This sucks that PTB could have avoided a crash, but instead let it fall…I can’t wait for the truth in 15 years from now…wow
Paperbag:  all markets down will eventually force the rv
KansasChick:  DOW is bouncing back and forth above and below 17,000. Right now 16,995.
G8way2K:  The Dow has been synonymous with our expectant RV…up and down. Let’s see what the ‘end’ of the trading day brings, then whisk ourselves into tomorrow for another round.

Silverwing:  Is this the GCR correction for the US and China???
Four2atous:  Silverwing According to sources US will take a 30% hit…..then another 30% hit in 6 months bringing US down to 49% of last appraised value……so every percentage point we raise now will allow a more stabilized economy ….even keel.
Silverwing:  Four2 – thanks – So a 2% or 3% correction is only the tip of the iceberg?
Four2atous:  Silverwing Perhaps an ultimate goal?
Paperbag:  it looks like we are doing the rv the hard way!!!!   Fortunately we know whats going on…. the rv could have been done these easy way for many months now…china is applying pressure again
Four2atous:  Shanghai’s 7% Crash=​ng-kong-extend-annual-slump-as-yuan-declines
Four2atous:  “EU rules capping bonuses (this will have cause and effect)=​en-a-fraction-of-private-equity-survey-says
ADOG:   Pope’s first prayer of 2016 .​6-calling-for-vigilance-against-evil-32302/
rv0531 :  here’s a bit of solid news…just got back from a local wf bank. spoke to branch manager. he thought I was there to buy. he told me he’s helping another guy who is with a group.
He gave me his card and told me to call him when it happens and he’d take me to the downtown branch
The first time I went to the bank about this. I told him I had a considerable amount of various foreign currencies.
What I found interesting is that although this is a foreign currency exchange branch, he said we could do it there or he could take me downtown