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TennWolfMan:  Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day–I’m not expecting a RV today but —never know lol
Platinumrunway ;Wolfy think they will get their act together today.
Tennwolfman :plat – well they better cause tomorrow is going to be an eye opener
Mangelo:  I could see the RV at 4 pm today!!! That’s the 6th (in Iraq) and the Publishing of the Gazette!!!

Badscott54:  You Can Create Any Future You Want. You Will Never Leave Where You Are Until You Decide Where You Would Rather Be. The day you make a decision about your life is the day your world will change. Move decisively toward the goals you have established. Intolerance of your present creates your future. Today…Is Your Seed Toward Tomorrow. Your Future Is Decided By Who You Choose To Believe. Dr. Mike Murdock 1/5/16
CODreamer:  interesting pre-market summary of today so far from CNN​ex.html
SassyD:  US Government Discovers 10 Years Of “Processing Errors” In C​onstruction Spending Data Slamming GDP — 01/04/2016 – 14:12 —​ars-errors-construction-spending-data-slamming-gdp