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Iko Ward : Hey guys, little bit of connecting the dots. Last Thursday there was not a single tanker at any Iranian / Kuwaite port but over 100 tankers in the Arabian Sea. Same over the weekend and also yesterday. Now we are hearing the Rial is RI’d, that we should be exchanging it sometime this week,, and suddenly 30 tankers showed up off the Zagros Petro Chemical Complex in Iran. They are moored, not yet transfering, Not what they say, follow the movement.
eagle1 :  I spoke with my partner in Mumbai today and he is hearing rumblings that there is going to be a major change in currency rates this week. Treat this as rumor, but I do trust my partner of 15 years in India.
Tennwolfman :oh by the way–i came back in to say—All church groups have exchanged(confirmed_ Admirals group firing up to go–bank memos have been passed out–we are set to go next and that should be any where from this moment on thru fri
Silverwing:   By saying the “church groups” have gotten exchanged could also mean that the paymaster for that group has the funds available for distribution. Doesn’t mean all people have been notified. Breath and let’s wait till Friday before condemnation sets in.

Skelly1653:  Meeting with Wealth Manager at WF
I know that some people do not like bank stories. I also know that no matter how good the information is, a lot of people are going to berate the provider. I am very reluctant to post anything but, decided it may be encouraging to some. All that being said, I have a “Personal” bank story and, I think it is encouraging, thrilling and informative.
Dec. 29, 2015. A friend of mine called his wealth manager at Wells Fargo to discuss something about trusts. In passing he told the WM about a friend of his [Myself] that was looking to build a relationship with a new bank and WM. My friend called me to find out if it was ok to give my number to said WM. My answer was yes. About 30 minutes later the WM called me. We scheduled an face to face the next day at 1:00 PM. By the way, this is in southern California.
Dec. 30, 2015. The meeting with the WM was as follows. Introductions and a lot of chit chat, then comes the interesting part. He asked me if I banked with WF. I do not. “Well lets get you set up with an account now, so it will save time when the currency that you hold increases in value.” [No, I did not leave anything out.] I had not mentioned a word about currency.
I asked him what makes him think that I own currency. Did my friend mention it? WM-“No, he did not mention it, nor did you.” “I assumed, that given the timing of our appointment and your desire to meet and build a relationship with a wealth manager, that you owned Dinar and other currency.” Now he was the one who mentioned anything about currency.
I asked him what he knew about foreign currency. He told me that he had many customers with currency. Specifically Dinar, Dong, Rhupia, and Zim. There were others, but those  were the “BIG 4” as he called them. Also, he said that he has “Hundreds” of contacts throughout the world that he gets information from concerning the “Revaluation” of multiple foreign currencies. His major contact is in Peru. This contact had told him to expect a “MAJOR REVALUATION” in the very near future.
We talked some more about currency, and, I let him know that I hold 3 of those 4 currencies he listed. I never told him how much or each. He told me his intentions of helping with my Wealth Management after the revaluation. We discussed this at length.
Suffice it to say, I am happy with this particular WM and his team. I did set up an account, and, asked him if there were any fees for said account? He told me there were none at this time and would probably never be any because of the amount of money that would be deposited into it. [Once again, I never said how much currency I hold.]
I’ll wrap it up. I asked him to call me when he gets information of the revaluation. He told me he would and also, asked me to call him if I heard anything before I got his call. I will. Be Blessed!! skelley
DNA4Wealth:  We had the same xperience with a Manager of WF, currency exchange branch, who is also a currency holder. We both agreed to contact each other when we heard anything about the RV.  This WF bank Manager was shocked that we met with so much disbelief at other WF branches.