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CODreamer:  GM All, looks like another interesting day in the markets – premarket trading
GreatlyBlessed:  There are a lot of bad things happening in the world and the stock market is getting jittery. Saudi and Iran; North Korea and the Chinese markets. People are running for cover.
Appaloosa:  Good morning all – market expected to go down 400 points (down to 16435ish) at opening. China closed markets again for the 2nd time this week.
Brendad:  The overseas markets are tumbling, I wonder what today will bring in the US markets.

Elmerf123456:  The Pain of the market! I feel sorry for the Senior Citizens like my father and every senior who now is having their savings erode in the market right before their eyes. They will never recover from the financial loss because of age and retirement. This is truthful. It’s good for the some and bad for many.
Brendad:  elmerf123456 This is when I pray the prosperity packages are real and they will kick in to save them.
Angel1:  Elmer, It breaks my heart to think that many will suffer over this when it wasn’t necessary. I don’t understand why people would let this happen if they could have prevented it. Let’s just know we can all help others when this finally comes to resolution.
Tier2wannabe:  Plan A would have been so much easier for everyone but some peoples ego and arrogance makes this so painful for so many…