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Dallred123: Bank buddy is in a meeting as we speak.He said it pertained to the exchange.
That’s all I got so far… hope to get more after he gets out.
Dallred123:  Bank buddy is still in a meeting – He has no idea how long he will be, but said things are looking great.  He has been in from 7 am… they brought in lunch.

Later Update:
Dallred123:  just got a text from bank buddy all $$$$$$$$$ thats it
GGJHonor:  dallred does that mean he has exchanged ? sorry If I did not understand?
Dallred123:  no he has not exchanged he just knows the rates and a better time frame…. he is in a mtg so it is just quick text
Dallred123 : he is a software guy and works on the system for this exchange for the banking sector
Cyndysaintsfan:  news said no stoppage in the Chinese market tonight … they are gonna let it bottom out
Backboard:  Although painful. Let it hit a bottom in the long run that is good. Shake out the weak.
BSquared: 29 out of 30 Dow components in the red. Sole exception is WalMart. Go figure.
Hitdoc:  Boom.. I thank tomorrow we will C what it does…It will B wild when it opens in the morning……
KBoom:  Hitdoc- especially if China bottoms out tonight…interesting times we are witness to
Hitdoc:  K Boom …China is say they will drop further tonight…
KBoom:  Hitdoc- they removed their trading controls- so bombs away!
Mangelo:   Iko said that tonight China will force the market to go down…letting the market to go down here because the players here are trying to hang on…they will have no liquidity to save themselves forcing the RV to happen. We should be at the banks by Friday. I hope I got most of the message correct.
Elmerf123456:  lol. Looking very very good gang. Tonight the fireworks will be quite a show with no China trigger.
KBoom:  Elmer I agree the market dumps help our cause!
Elmerf123456:  Wow seven points from 400 minus day
KBoom:   elmer- I think that will look like peanuts by tomorrow this time eh?
Neatj777 : Just opened a new account for my business at WF. Usually this bank is full of guys walking around in their suits…
Today I had to wait for the only guy that was working… asked him “Where is everyone today?”
They were all in a big bank meeting …about 2:00 they all came in at once…and within five minutes they all had customers at their desks. Interesting!