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Isa52bc: CBI: To all licensed banks (buy gold commemorative coins) 01/07/2016
CBI: To all licensed banks / due to the stop system (Rtgs) at the Central Bank for the day on Sunday will depend 3/1/20016 deposits Monday 4/1/20016 as requests to buy dollars in cash on Sunday and Monday 11/1/20016 10/1/20016. 01/04/2016
more cbi: To all licensed banks / due to the fact 6/1/20016 Wednesday a public holiday will depend on banks’ deposits in the 5/1/20016 on Tuesday and Wednesday 13/1/20016 12/1/20016 which are offset in the week, followed by requests for cash.
And enhancement requests will require a deposit of banks on 5/1/20016 will depend on 5/1/20016 enhancement requests to the assets of banks abroad. Whereby hoping to work 01/04/2016

…and the best one (note: international standards)
To all licensed banks (the transition from the uniform accounting system for banks and insurance companies to international standards) 01/07/2016
Magiemoo:  Cnn In the U.S., stocks have had one of their bleakest starts to a year. The wave of selling has knocked the Dow down 911 points, or 5%, so far this year. That’s the worst four-day start to a year on record, according to FactSet s
CODreamer:  the market crash is the correction needed for the GCR and the world, the RV is a fix – that’s as simple as I can put it, imo
Smartblonde55:  Maybe China needs to not play nice just one more day to seal the deal???
Herekemiah:  maybe China fired the warning shot and it got the desired result?
Olesailor:   Ancient Chinese Proverb say Man with no RV become very inquisitive, jejejeejej
elmerf123456 wrote Boom!!!!