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Briona:  I feel like Charlie Brown and the RV is the football. It keeps getting pulled away right before we are about to contact it.
Peaches1:  The nosedive in the Chinese stock market and the slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy will certainly be front and center for global investors in the near term, but there’s a more important shift underway, economist Mohamed El-Erian said Friday.
The bigger issue for financial markets is that central banks are running out of ammo, the Allianz chief economic adviser told CNBC. “Markets are realizing that central banks can no longer repress financial volatility. And they are repricing to new volatility paradigm,” he said in a “Squawk Box” interview.
Running out of ammo? How about all of the IQD sitting in the central banks around the world? Useless pre-RV. A life saver afterwards.

DanBlessed:  CL (Christine LaGarde)  posted this blog today “The second transition is unfolding in China—sub-Saharan Africa’s largest trading partner. China is embarking on a historic rebalancing
CONITINUED: of its growth model, and activity is moderating to more sustainable levels. Nonetheless, this rebalancing is a bumpy process whose effects are being felt worldwide – which reinforces the need for more clarity on policies, especially exchange rate policy.
As I underlined several times in the past weeks, this transition will certainly be far from easy, and is also feeding into lower demand for commodities”
DutchieFlat:  danblessed I love that CL mentioned exchange rate policy. Now whether that refers to our situation or not, remains to be seen but I still love it!
DanBlessed:  yeah i thought the same dutcheflat! I just wanted to see if IMF was reacting at all to what happened yesterday with china…and was the best most recent thing I found.
BadScott54:  Peaches1 and danblessed thank you for sharing this info this morning. It is awesome watching this event unfold. We may not like the bumps but it better this time because we have an understanding of what is happening because we have a vested interest this time
Peaches1:  The PTB, do not ALL wear black hats. Be certain of that.
BadScott54:  You guys something is happening it is too quite! Too quite!
MnDin:  dan….so big boys had a meeting and threw China a life preserver????
BadScott54:  :  mndin I think just the opposite China is the one that will come out Superman in this one
June1: Elmer comments late evening -1/7/2016
briona : China’s market is up over 2% as of this time. Was kind of expecting it to be way down. That is why I don’t play in the markets.
elmerf123456 : Be Ready!!!!!
sabickford : Me too. I went to the shabghi Chart and it is still updating now +72.93 as of 10:29
mailboxmoney : Thanks Elmer for coming in….elmer, ok! I’m assuming they are just propping up their market, but that is just a guess on my part.
elmerf123456 : You know what you been taught. You see the change in the air. The more the people tell you all is normal and back as it should be…the more you should be ready to pop the cork!
elmerf123456 : There is a lot of stuff floating around. No pun intended
elmerf123456 : What you will witness soon enough won’t be misinformation but jubilation and you can mark that one down.
elmerf123456 : My eyes are focused on late morning China and Europe.
isa52bc : Elmer, your words are music to my ears! (((Big Hugs)))
elmerf123456 : Isa not yet! But the symphony is definitely tuning up in the ready to play a Beethoven masterpiece!
elmerf123456 Closed? Or setting up the play?
elmerf123456 :IKO and I are watching closely.
elmerf123456 : Well as they say. No time for talk. Getting ready for action.
d :  Is China open tomorrow night/
elmerf123456 : No Holiday
briona : isa…the Shanghai Exchange says they are on Lunch Break
briona :Seems kind of weird that they break for lunch, but who knows how China plays the game.
briona : Seems kind of weird that they break for lunch, but who knows how China plays the game. Elmer, have you ever heard of them stopping the trading for a lunch break?
elmerf123456 :Nope
Tweet:   Haider Al-AbadiVerified account ‏@HaiderAlAbadi 8h8 hours ago
PM Al-Abadi received Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dunford who offered continued support for Iraq and its armed forces.