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DustyS:  This is a process very few of us understand It will happen when it is ready–the GCR/RV is just the tip of the Ice burg
SassyD:  “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” — William Feather
Bestbuy:   Wow guys take heard cause China and Hong Kong in Lehman brother of 2008 right now. Chinese stocks are trading at the lows of the day after Overnight HIBOR rates (Hong Kong’s interbank borrowing rate) exploded a stunning 939bps to a record high 13.4%.
Bestbuy:  Got to read this, Monday is going to another blood bath and the world ​currencies is devaluaing   LINK

Skyward100:  Hey Tnt family. I was reading and I know we had a related report, but I haven’t seen this particular one about Iran santions.  LINK
Skyward100:  Hearing they are to “go” before Iraq, you really can see and read things falling into place. It’s happening right in front of us
SassyD:  Iran, India to settle outstanding crude oil dues in rupees — January ​5, 2016 2:57 am —​o-settle-outstanding-crude-oil-dues-in-rupees/
SassyD:  You CAN NOT be an optimist and a pessimist at the same time. Which is it for you? ____ Please decide, because you can’t be hopeful in one breath and then trying to take the hope away from others, in the very next breath. ……. Last year is PAST, GONE …… We are in the NOW. …… Savor it and pray that the PTB allow God’s plan to unfold. ……… [Wise Words] Believer posted – November 16, 2014
Heavenishome: David Bowie:   he died at home with his family after battleing cancer for 18months
TBirdd:  David Bowie you were loved by millions – and played with the best of the best! Pleeease give my Heartfelt to Stevie Ray, Janis, Jimmi, George and John.. you all left incredible legacies.
JBH4129:  David Bowie Fame one of my all time favorites ..