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TNT: Highlights from The Big Call by PinkRoses
PinkRoses:  Bruce: short call, state of union speech on now.
Bruce: saying Okie having a good surgery and praying he has a speedy recovery
Bruce: thought we be right there for awhile now. certain things have stopped what we have been expecting. what I am hearing today is that scenerio is about to change.

Bruce: hojpe that is the case. things very very quiet. info very light. Humanitarian , funding, money moving, things happening for Iraqi prerspective. everything done.
Bruce: Abadi did sign the budget it went back into the gazette as a totally signed budget. they are as ready as they can be.
Bruce: coins out, 50,000 note out, key cards loaded, moving right along, ready to go. I think it all set. The ones who are getting this done really is China with IMF to get this through. rates  are high
Bruce: timing don’t know. very close. I would say keep good eye on email next couple of days. Be prepared to respond. Get all ready. Have your picture ids, couple, passport, driver’s license, birth cert.
Bruce: good to prove who you are. The exchange experience will average 36 mins each. You will have time to set up accts. they will want us to get in and move on and not hang on and ask 200 questions.
Bruce: exchange will go swimmingly, have and know how much currency of each, written down on sheet, 2 for you and one doing exchange so they can verify what you have.
Bruce: I am going to keep a copy for me and turn one over for exchange. look up …google fincin 112, look at form online. you can print it out, read it, this is a currency exchange
Bruce: most go easily, not big deal for those used to doing exchanges. They will count and verify the currency. They will have Del. ,machines to count and verify. Acct being set up and instructions you will be needing as far as perks benefits level is depending how much you have.
Bruce; 2 or 3 versions of the perks. discussing investment options slightly later date. you will try to set appts with managers, PB (Private Banker) , what you feel you want to invest in. personal thing.
Bruce: exchange process is one reason we now it is close, certain lead banks moving people around the country. They wouldn’t do this unless they are ready to go. I believe it is all good.
Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A
Bruce: only going to go to the top of the hour with Q and A
Bruce: i heard 2000 people moved around to the exchange centers
Bruce: we plan after the RV happens to stay in touch, probably do a big call once a week… post RV, investment calls, etc.
Bruce: If you wish to work with us, veterans, let us know
Bruce: Kent still setting up Q and A… Maybe too many people…. line only able to handle 1000 callers… did have over 2000 callers. When we went to q and A dropped down to 1600 callers
Bruce: everything indicative to good timing. We know why it didn’t go. We hope we are further along.. A lot of people been picked up around the world, and I think it continued.
Bruce: we will try to get it working for the next time. Thursday call scheduled. …Hopefully a celebration call…. You are in a position to believe this to come through…. very good place. Things very quiet out there, but intel that has come through very positive
Bruce: We will make an attempt to do a full Q and A hopefully for a celebration call on Thursday. Not a whole lot to bring you tonight, except expecting good news shortly. Talk to you Thursday.
Bruce: Kent leading call out with prayer. Keep eye on emails next few days and see what transpires.
Bruce call ending
The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456