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Elmerf123456:   Riddle me this: If there is no more liquidity in the marketplace and you can’t prop it up, what do you do ? If the banks are not flush with cash cause of potential panic, what do you do? You find currencies to be flushed through your system with hyperinflated rates.
Where do you find such a mechanism? An RV!
Still waiting on IMF info.  Iraq is only a lightbulb in the global process. Not the power grid.
I still remain we are at the end. No reason this shouldn’t go now IMO. The world needs this

Last year the market lost 3.7 trillion. We have already burned through almost 2 trillion what month is this?   Like I said the world economy needs this.
lealoha :  – elmer – do you have any feeling if it’s coming out fiat or asset backed?
elmerf123456 :   I believe Fiat first with a very short window.
SassyD:  Did You Know???? …… The financial system is predominantly comprised of digital money. Actual physical Dollars bills and coins only amount to $1.36 trillion. This is only a little over 10% of the $10 trillion sitting in bank accounts. And it’s a tiny fraction of the $20 trillion in stocks, $38 trillion in bonds and $58 trillion in credit instruments floating around the system.
SassyD:  Global fears cast gloom on the Fed’s rate hike plans — Jan 19 2:27am ​–​rve-rate-hike/index.html