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Highlights from The Big Call:
Pinkroses:  Bruce call: starting
Bruce call: Bruce: WE can almost celebrate on this call, that is how close we are
Bruce call: Prayer requests now

Bruce call: update on Okie, spoke to him on several calls they had. sounds much better today. had surgery, 8.5 hours. rehab facility right now, resting, getting stronger. Okie so thankful that the surgery has been complete. may have to go in for more
Bruce: Continue to lift Okie up for healing, had a lot of pain, a tough cookie. He is the kindnest, most thankful man, very proud of him, the whole community is. Going to tell him we all praying and thinking about him.
Bruce: Intel now
Bruce: we are so close could have celebration call right now. heard postive things today even this afternoon and into this evening where we are. you seen on thenews how much Iran been on news
Bruce: sanctions been lifted, funds unfrozen, the 50 Billion dollars US had to release, Iraq had to be part of the swift banking system, another doc had to be signed, so Iran can receive their funds back
Bruce: they are working on that to get it done. Iran in position the Rial is right there ready to go. Rial not in the basket. heard there are tanker vehicles, ships at the port ready to off load approx. 3.5 million barrels of oil. happening right now.
Bruce: the first tankers being loaded and ready to disembark right now. Iran basically is back so much so the awib bank is actually putting Iran in position consider a founding member of that bank, moving that along too
Bruce: negotiaitons yesterday with Abadi and 5 other ME countries here last night, went through got last minute things handled. was successful. today top 8 banks meeting in NY to fine tune the portocall, they worked all out, meeting successful
Bruce: Out west things moving along nicely , should be completed if not tonight, then by morning. everything is moving along be in position to happen for us straight away. not be surprised if something went down tonite or tomorrow morning.
Bruce: that is what i feel comfortable to give you on what i know. this whole thing with Iran really did push this through for us. maybe they waited on purpose until Iran could be factored in. sure made a difference to pull things here.
Bruce: i just feel like this is something we are all ready for and can’t wait for it to happen. since almost here amazing feelings. rates all good. Can’t discuss rates, but they’ re really good. dinar high, zim still hanging around in rate area we talked about before.
Bruce: Rial, it is not only been RI’d, but ready to be Rv as well. today tuesday, they want us in to exchange this week i think. See what happens.
Bruce: expecting 800 numbers, emails, all of it. We will put info on our web site. probably not have call until Thursday, if we do have a call expect it to be a celebration call. Everything moving nicely. you are in a great place. you can rest having done and stand in faith.
Bruce: I know you will be well blessed.
Bruce: quick Q and A tonight, until 15 after the hour.
Bruce: Q and A starting one question Tuesday
Bruce call: caller: all 5 of the banks we think going to be our bank, everyone denied it to me that we going to be part of it. They heard about the centers and all.
Bruce: Even at this last minute there are people at the bank dont see it. what lesson you have learned? Dont call the banks.
Bruce: I been telling you for years, leave it alone. Some do have real relationships with bank managers, asset managers, wealth managers, they going to give you a different point of view. to save you headaches, better foryou not to even talk about it.
Bruce: some of us will be using regular banks, but not every bank will do the exchange. just be aware certain banks will and some wont. be smart and wait for the 800 numbers to come out and set an appt.
Bruce caller: i heard going to the bank up to 30 minutes for time to exchange and in and out
Bruce: the exchanges done so far been averaging 36 mins. we will have 30 to 50 minutes. no time to ask a million questions, but just get in and out, get the basic info, exchange set new acct up, set appt for wealth manager set.
Bruce caller: afgani going still in there?>  Bruce: yes is in there.
Bruce caller: closest we been?  Bruce: yes, a 104 occasions suppose to have it, it didnt. close because the resistance now has been reduced to where we dont really see anything in the way now.
Bruce caller: feeling about 30 dollar a barrel need to up to 35, 40 to see the rate? Mosul having to be secured before rate released?
Bruce: the oil pricing, we realize for the US to be successful we need to be around 40 dollars or more per barrel. I think where the oil is now, the rate is established now. the rate is there and ready to go. Mosul concern, i not sure whether it a factor other than we made good gains in Mosul
Bruce: Mosul is not over, but not know it is factor. Iraq is done, over, have had it for days. cards charged, set, buying things, ship loads of merchandise in port, ready to export oil, all set. Iraq is right there, all set, not an issue. rate in budget, signed.
Bruce caller: at one time you mentioned there are 29 small humanitarian groups going through, then heard Admiral group going through
Bruce: the humanitarina groups we heard were funded, but bonds still to let the funding go, but about to go the same time within moments of the Rv. most of the groups things are lining up nicely for all the groups
Bruce caller: we heard once Iraq were paid, we be next, is still true?
Brucecaller: slower roll out than we expected?  Bruce: yes
Bruce caller: I was wondering this am, on dectives, someone named Anomouse, they said Iraq had to Rv, was done today?
Bruce: been done, i think yesterday. announcements been made. Iraq RI their rate, and now in postion had RV or will RV shortly
Bruce caller: wait few hours after them?  Bruce: no, about same time.
Bruce: i would be reasonably excited cautiously optimistic, keep phone close, highly expected for really good news around the corner
Bruce caller: Zim, I love of the ZIm, i have Is the Zim above 25 cents?  Bruce: yes
Bruce caller: Iran not been doing this oil for years and now able to do it because sanctions lifted?
Bruce: Iran been selling some oil on black market or private deals, butnot as openly as now they are doing.
Bruce caller: they are waiting?
Bruce: they were waiting suppose to move first shipment 5est.
Bruce call: Kent: tonight they were doing 500 barrels today. Bruce; Yes, they are ready to ship, and i think first tanker has sailed.
Bruce caller: RI?
Bruce: they have already RI. They are rocking and rolling right now
Bruce caller; saying Iraq as to be right now, not an independant thing?
Bruce: Iraq is done. using cards for days now.
Bruce: we are in process. this is going down, give it time to work our system. we are almost home.
Bruce caller: do you know anyting about the Republic?
Bruce: I know a little about it, but not to discuss on this call. too sensitive. too much for this call.
Bruce caller; at the time of our exchange, is it best to just get in and out. for those who hold the Iran currency much negotiation on the price?
Bruce; with the rial i know what the rate is now on the screens. with the amount of the investment in the currency, i be happy to take the screen rate and not even negotiate
Bruce caller: is there any update on the taxes?
Bruce: what i heard still no federal tax. we understand still a possibility some of the states will charge some type of capital gain tax, not sure about it. the federal tax not a factor supposed to be so.
Bruce: I am not a cpa, tax attorney, it is what i understand the situation is.
Bruce caller: slow roll out?
Bruce: it is already a slow roll out.
Bruce caller: the dinar still pegged to the dollar?
Bruce: Yes it is, it has a rate exchangable to the dollar
Bruce: is dong over $2>
Bruce: yes it is, much more than that
Bruce call: one more caller
Bruce: Q and A over
Bruce call: Bruce: thank everybody, really good mood, we have every reason to be in good mood. We are planning to have one call a week, a tap call once a week. most of us traveling, we will continue, a vet call soon after the Rv who want to be part of it
Bruce call: Bruce: look forward to a celebration call for all on Thursday. keep looking  for emails. also 800 numbers on web site, keep staying fit.
Bruce call: Bruce: Appreciate you all. Kent praying call out