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DePaul13:  I was called this morning with a confirmation that the RV was Done last night after IMF Meeting!!!
Fullofhope:  depaul…that is exciting!!! I wonder when we will have the rates at our banks?
NoNo:​-investment-bank-jobs-in-london-new-york ~~ Fallout is manifesting itself in more public ways now. This is g​onna be interesting, cause S is getting real now,~!! C’mon RV…
SassyD:  Journalist Reveals Tactics Brainwashing Industry Uses to Manipulate th​e Public — January 15, 2016 —​washing-industry-uses-to-manipulate-the-public/

Four2atous:  China Yuan at the crossroads of “OMG” and “help me”​;!=​ds-near-lowest-since-2007-on-outflow-concern