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Iko Ward : If I was a hedge fund operator and wanted to plan my next move, think I wouldn’t want to know what was leaving the northern gulf and plug that it? What better overview. Every commercial ship out there updated every 4 hours
Iko Ward :Guys, we are watching a way of doing business on this planet die before our eyes. This is not our fight, Ours will be in the rebuilding. Focus on that. Focus on your post RV plan and follow through. That will be the real battle.
Haystack:  There are various computor tracking systems for the ships. Sometimes the ships can choose not to be logged in. That could be a reason not to always see how many or where they are.
SABickford:  Haystack what is not normal is the fact that all ships north of Bahrain have gone silent. THis is NOT Normal in anyone’s book…… SInce there is nothing on the map in the northern gulf, What Happened to all the Tankers, Cruise Ships, Cargo SHips, Tugs? Someone doesn’t want us seeing what is going on and against Maritime Law have turned off the data feed from that area

Haystack:  sabickford makes one wonder what they are hiding.
Desertjar5:  Sabickford I agree very strange indeed, IKO is on to something and big brother doesn’t want us watching
Clemsonfan:  wanna see the ships tracking ?????
Iko Ward:  You’re watching the ships and missing the battle. Forex just polled to 1145. Follow the money, follow the movement. Do you really think 41 super tankers, a fleet of 150 tugs, supply ships and crew boats just picked up and left in a 12 hour period?
RockinRobin:  Hi IKO! It sounds like they are manipulating what ever they want! Stocks, forex, ship locations, news…. On and on…..
Iko Ward:  Rockin Robin gets the gold star.
TBone:  IKO – I saw the ships disappear and can see the gulf is now empty. I also note there seem to be few ships coming across the Atlantic or Pacific. The earliest delivery of an Atlantic tanker ship to the US, New York, is estimated to reach port by the 31st… maybe??
Iko Ward : Guys, this week will be a three ring circus. Sit back, watch who you like. Yes Shane, thx for watching my back. Thought it best though to come in and touch base with those who have their eye on the ball.
Iko Ward :  OK guys. We’re all about to be wealthy in a new world order. Bbl
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SABickford:  For those who want to buy a new house after the RV, Dracula’s Castle i​s for sale (80 Mil)