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Iko Ward:  Well, they have definitely shut down the Marinetraffic system in the northern gulf. Three ships I purposely tracked last night heading for Basra and Khark Island have disappeared. A fourth I found heading for Khark should enter the NO SEE zone in about two hours. Why they are doing this is anyone’s guess. But several transmission sites would have to be taken down in several countries who don’t like one another by an international agency.
Natok:  it seems pretty obvious they think we are getting TMI too much info! now you see it, now you don’t
UbetchaL  For the  peeps are really getting “edgy” as the hour glass slowly allows one grain of sand at a time fall thru…. Look at it this way… all that sand will eventually make a beach and then its party time…. lol
Upwardsuccess:  “It is more important than some believe” – 17 Trade Agreemen​ts For $600 Billion China & Iran Signed This Past Weekend.​bal.html

SassyD:   Feds foresee $30 trillion debt, blame looming tax hikes and Obamacare — January 25, 2016 —
SassyD:   Feds foresee $30 trillion debt, blame looming tax hikes and Obamacare — January 25, 2016 —
Harambe:  Why Iran is a problem for the oil market An Iranian oil tanker set sail for South Korea last week, heralding a new period of uncertainty for world crude prices. Read more:
23Skido:  To Summarize: from another site
I put this here because it is a great summery ……While it is what it is
Let me know if I’m getting this right: Platinum’s integrity has been unquestionable, accurately reporting the completion of banks receipt of neccessary codes for exchange,
Bruce is expecting to to do a celebration call on Tuesday night, Iko says Monday night is the final push, Martha says, “We’ll be in the bank this week,
MillionDay has outlined multiple articles, leaders, and activated laws that all imply we’re on the cusp of a rate change,
Poppy3 says we’re 5 months away from Economic reform being completed implying the RV/GCR is at any moment,
BGG has said that the rate change could be within 7-10 days, not sure what Mountain Goat is saying because I stop reading as soon as I see, “and still no RV.”
All news seems to point to an eminent revaluation of world currencies, economic indicators seem to reveal a definitive need for such action, ships are reported to be moving out of Iran (which I believe is good) Iran’s currency saw a 33% rise this past week,
China’s doing…stuff, that I think leads us to a GCR, Awake in 3D says 800 numbers won’t be posted on websites, but will be available on conference calls, and Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement that may have implied Iraq is moving to an International/Marke/Global economy.
Meanwhile, according to Rayren, (Bless his heart) banks seem to think we’ll be exchanging “this week”, for the past several weeks, and Dalred said, this past weekend was our last weekend (of waiting for the RV I’m assuming).
Oil is above $32, Dow opened down, Shanghai closed up, Chinese are infusing Billions into the market,( which means something) various astrological, numerological, spiritual, and religious prophetic predictors are aligned to indicate massive changes,
Aliens are our ancestors and secretly controlling the Earth, and United States government is an illegal incorporation/shadow government, that is being taken out of control by the real Republic of the United States which will free us all from the bondage of public slavery created by illusionary debt.
In addition, massive humanitarian efforts are about to be launched world wide as soon as funds are released from the bonds, or the GCR, or the Elders, or the “Powers that Be.”
These claims are backed by declarations made by the UN to “abolish poverty” in the next 15 years, various actions by the Chinese government to forgive massive amounts of debt, and lengthy discussion by world leaders to create new peaceful environments.
New technologies which have been held back until this time will soon be released for the good of all mankind, and everything we ever suspected about corrupt politicians has been drastically underestimated.
This combination of events all leading us to a spiritual awakening of a new global reality where “good” people, or at least people with good intentions will be the new “One Percenters” with the awesome responsibility of reshaping the world into a Utopia of abundance rather than a fake depiction of lack and starvation.
I believe it. All of it. It’s just too ridiculous to be contrived from the minds of mortal men. So I’m ready to do my part. Once my family is taken care of, I’ll gladly pay it forward. I’ll dedicate my life to the service, testimony, and manifestation of the highest good.
And, I’ll do it with all humility, knowing how little I really know. I just need to exchange first.