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BadScott54:  I understand what Bruce said about once those ships are loaded and they enter international waters as to how they will be paid. So, that would be a keynote that each currency has revalued.
BadScott54:  I believe because of the importance that has been placed on Iran entering the arena and postponing their revalue to coincide with Iraq has caused the hide and seek. They are doing business under the radar What else is new?
Jacksmits:  is it not true that Iran already revalued, up 30% so far….it is what I heard yesterday.
BadScott54:  JackSmits I think they are inching up because they are ready but because they told Iraq they would wait for them they haven’t gone full steam ahead. But, I do believe they have given Iraq a time and I do believe they will not wait long. They have waited too long to get back into the world order.

LH: Iraq cannot hang in limbo much longer with Iran on the move and not willing to wait on anyone else. Iran does what IT wants. The world cannot continue to be placed on hold, so this will break through very soon, all imo, of course.
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