Tishwash:  Prior to his visit to Turkey.. Al-Sudani: We look forward to transforming Iraq into a center for world trade

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani revealed, on Monday, the most important files that he will discuss during his upcoming visit to Turkey.

Al-Sudani said in his article, “The visit to Turkey acquires special importance at this particular time, with the positive developments taking place in the Middle East region in terms of strengthening cooperation between countries, mobilizing efforts to achieve economic integration and push it forward, and resolving differences based on the methodology of prudent dialogue.” Interest prevails and elevates cooperation between neighbors in order to achieve the interests of peoples.

He added, “We will focus in our discussions with the Turkish side on strengthening Iraqi-Turkish relations in all fields, especially the economic field, especially as we look forward to implementing ambitious economic projects in the energy and transport sectors and transforming Iraq into a center for global trade between Asia and Europe through the Faw Grand Port project and what It is linked to economic zones, residential communities and tourist attractions.

He continued, “We look forward from this giant project, which will extend over an area of more than 20 square miles, to open the way for an economic boom for Iraq,” noting that “it will contribute to strengthening economic and trade relations between Iraq and its neighbors, led by Turkey on the one hand, and the countries of Europe and Asia on the one hand.” another side”.

He stated that “the project of the great port of Faw will include the corridor of the dry canal, which will be formed by a highway and a railway line, and will pass through Diwaniyah, Najaf, Karbala, Baghdad and Mosul and extend to the Turkish border, allowing access to the port of Mersin and Europe via Istanbul,” explaining that “we will discuss the details of these projects with officials.” The Turks, within the framework of our efforts to strengthen the economic and trade partnership with Turkey, with which Iraq’s trade balance has reached about $20 billion, represented in Turkish imports of chemical products, seeds, grains, legumes, furniture, medicines and medical supplies, and Iraqi exports to Turkey concentrated in oil.

On water quotas, the Prime Minister affirmed that “the water problem will occupy a space of discussion in Ankara,” appreciating “the Turkish side’s efforts to increase water quotas that came from behind the dams to Iraq.”

He went on to say that “the economic cooperation projects that we seek with Ankara will greatly contribute to creating job opportunities in many Iraqi governorates and will accelerate the pace of Iraq’s transformation into a commercial center linking the European and Asian continents, and will put Iraq firmly on the map of world trade,” explaining, “We are putting In parallel, there are plans to cooperate with Turkey to enhance our joint economic capabilities and according to timetables for priority projects, with our keenness to diversify energy sources and invest in renewable energy projects to serve development ambitions.

And he stated, “The near future will witness greater economic engagement with Turkey and with all our neighbors and our region, because this engagement and joint cooperation is the only way to overcome the consequences of global crises and the challenges they impose on us at this sensitive time.” held in the brotherly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or through my recent visits to the United Arab Emirates and Cairo. link