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Iko Ward:  So once again the PTB has managed to maintain the illusion, this time by getting the Japanese to go with negative interest rates, causing the dollar and euro to still look strong. Just like their rice paper doors, they look solid, but don’t talk too loud and don’t play with matches.  And oil is uo to 35…who does that make sense to?
Iko Ward:  We may have one more week of this nonsense before the markets truly crash. The shame of it is so many hard working people are gonna get screwed, and screwed big time, and this all could have been avoided months ago but the fat cats just had to have one more play and go out with another trillion or so.
DeeMoney:  Iko- so that means no live rates until the markets crash?
Iko Ward:  dee…looks that way to me. Hope I’m wrong

Blueblaze:  iko what do the the numbers being blue on 4x chart represent thankyou
Iko Ward:  Blue, forget Forex, that’s just another fiction. Blue just means the set for the day.
Zebragirl:    One thing’s for certain, the law of the harvest is real. We all reap what we sow! Sow goodness today 🙂
SassyD:  Take a HINT: ….
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