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Platinumrunway :Just got back from CurrencyMart having some great sales, these sales prices were amazing.
The ding DONG’S were BOGO amazing price!!
In the jewelry section The cubic ZIMconias , had an amazing rate yet I was told it was a must have for the season.
The rockin RIALsodas , buy a case and you had a steal of a deal. On ruby red Rupiah at first glance was not a lot to talk about, but picked up a few just in case!

Went to the cashier to pay and was told come back next week, we will take great care of all your currency needs!!!!
Markster:  Plat did they have dinarings
Platinumrunway :  Forgot to mention the DINAR rings…all i can say is OMG!!!!!
Platinumrunway : Btw Currency mart is not real guys it was an analogy
Flybaby777:  zim notes were actually printed on bond paper so they would be bonds to those getting them back at a very much much higher rate….. taking the money out of the swift system which is owned by the cabal .. cps system can’t be manuplated (sp)
Speedy:  Flybaby, good point, I noticed they we’re different !!!
Dusty:  When you exchange it as a currency–it is taken and used as a bond back…. All currency- in essence is a bond of sorts…. The ZIM was printed on bond paper in Germany for Zimbabwe
Uni345ty:  So Dusty what does that mean to us ?
Dusty:  Nothing!! It will exchange just like currency–it will be used as bond after we exchange–makes no difference to us –right
Oniros:  GE to all just came in…the Zim is considered a historical Bond… t is worth more bc it is a Bond
Dusty:  Just like the Iraq Dinar will be used as oil credits–we don’t care.
Yada: Dusty ,,,Im glad you explained it that way because some are lead to believe they will be able to demand over $2.00 for their zim,,,
Dusty:  I think realistically–depending on how much other currency is exchanged–when you exchange–I think 10-15-20 cents per Zim is realistic–if you negotiate
Stephen77:   IMO Anyone who just asks what the rate is for the Zim when exchanging will be told it is 3 cents and will get screwed, blued, tatooed and reviewed!
Ask them what is the highest rate they can give you and what if any restrictions are applied to that higher rate.
There’s absolutely no harm in asking! Remember – they don’t want you leaving without exchanging so don’t be shy. This is one time only opportunity.
Here are the rates that I was told are available. Dinar: $3.41 up to around $8 Dong: $2+ up to $6 Zim: .03 up tp .36 ( maybe up to .57)
sassyD:  Be more concerned with your character than your reputation…because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others THINK you are.” (John Wooden)