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Platinumrunway::  Everyone is in waiting state. Banks were ready Sat, from what i can assume with what my bankers are saying …highly expecting by Wed.
There is a system so my guess is a time when we dont expect it, then it will be released.
When people put a date on it, I’ve learned not to expect it that day.
Trust me I’m not looking for anything tonight

Too many are pumping tonight and this is just my take, if tonight too many bad guys are still watching the boards looking for opportunity to mess it up for everyone.
Noone will know the date or time.
Info is starting to trickle down the ranks in banking sectors, some employees are walking out weekly, and not looking back.
No real intel …just expecting …banks ready …a lot took place last night and today
Platinumrunway:  They have to do this sooner than later, otherwise who will exchange us?
I personally know of Wealth Managers resigning, and some bank employees with them and that took place just this week. So someone needs to get off their egos and get this over with and soon.
DustyS:  My PB this afternoon said basically same thing– expected by Tues/ Wed
DRL:  Platinum: I don’t believe that iit matters how many are calling it for a particular time, like tonight, it’s either supposed to happen at that time or it isn’t. Outcome not influened just to throw of the prognosticators or for the evil one s to gain some nefarious advantage.
Yoregg:   Do you think that since they’ve dragged this out for long that it doesn’t matter to them and that they feel they will be able to weed out the criminals still ?  I would think at this stage they are going to just have to go for it. Because they aren’t going to be able to catch everyone they deem to be criminals
Platinumrunway :If we would all just take a deep slow breath, its here, just take time to go over your personal plans.
TennWolfMan:  This whole thing is like playing a card game–we are down to the last hand or so and the opponent has very few cards left if any–just saying
B2Ray2day:  wolfy……. Are we still looking good for 2day 2morrow?
TennwolfMan:  B2 we are looking good–that doesn’t mean it will happen–it just means it looks good to happen