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Thowell:   Good morning room, for anyone reading Frank26 notes, here is where he could be getting his information from, the MOP has posted on their site since 2009 about $1.13 being a rate used for internal planning and $3.208 being the “Official Rate”
3. Estimate the amended exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to be used in technical and economical feasibility studies and for (1.134) dollar per dinar. This price should be approved for “3 years” until re-appreciation by the competent authorities.
that reads like it is the rate to be used for “planning” NOT the official exchange rate…IMHO
here is the link

Yada:  Thowell,,,wouldnt you think that those amounts are outdated since so much more negotiations have taken place over the years to inflate the rate?
Thowell:  yada, the site is current…as best I can read, it has been updated
Yada: Well, the initial rates in Iraq are $3.71
Thowell:  yada, that is definitely what we are hearing, I provided a link from t​he MOP of Iraq’s site…the rate is based on when the currency was sus​pended in ’90 IMO, here’s a link to that reference…​te1key=2014-12-31&category=EXCHRT
Thowell: and those rates are in SDR’s not $’s
Mm292:  Riyadh to tap global bond markets to balance budget
Buelingo:  I was wondering if the RV happened and we are didn’t get the tweet
Yada:  Buelingo,,of all the info we received since Monday,,we have every reason to expect this now,,,codes are at the bank and bonds have been released to the banks,,bonds are the funding the banks need to process our exchanges,,
Yada:  Folks,,here is a reality we are facing,,,At this point, the bonds is what funds our exchanges and we welcome the exchange. But,,,did you know, bonds are privately funded by wealthy people with the guaranteed return of a high interest rate,,and when we change, they get paid,,,
So we are part of a process,, my pointing that out is they, the wealthy who funded the bonds, want this over as well so they can get paid,,,and the only way they get paid is we get paid,,
Yada: Key is,, they wanted this RV to be as stealthy as possible,,, it would blow our economy up if one of those things was to instantly change because the 99% confidence in the system would erode and create panic,, and when the US sneezes, the world gets a cold.