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Highlights From The Big Call Thursday night 2-4-16
PinkRoses”  Bruce call: Bruce: Last Tuesday, 5400 callers, record. Excited, feel in very good place right now. Happy you are here. On regular phone, skype not working. Opening call with prayer
Bruce call: Call not super long, few questions. talk about timing very sensitive, instructed to lay low when it comes to intel. I think it is wise. We have heard a lot of things out there.
Bruce: I have heard it all especially today. I would say is, rest in the feeling this is coming to us, let it come to us, not reach out and grab every little tickling of our ears, nothing we can do, but be in position to be ready to receive it. not to talk about rates or timing. .

Bruce; Chinese year is coming and they going to celebrate and enjoy it, hope we will too. Our intention to be here, not to go away. do calls during the exchange process and after the exchange process.
Bruce: Not ever here to solicite anything of donations etc. in the future have certified license investment type people. the jest of where we want to go, and plans in turns of the veterans.
Bruce call: not much intel tonight.
Bruce: You know where we are on this, a reason to be quiet about this, reason for this. Talk about our future, what you want to do
GizmosMom:  Another post from a very smart man!

Another friend asked some more questions tonight about when we might see the RV/GCR and if I believed the liquidity problem would cause the banks to put pressure to speed up the RV/GCR.   Here is a response I put together for them.  It is just my opinion but what I believe.
My opinion on the banks putting pressure to precipitate the RV/GCR is as follows. Liquidity has already reached a crisis level wotldwide.  This is why you saw the Central Bank of Japan make a knee jerk reaction last Thursday and implement a negative interest rate policy like many banks had already done in Europe.
They did this to encourage bank account holders to get their money out of savings accounts and spend it into the economy and stock markets to try and revive the economy and put liquidity back in the economy and rejuvenate the stock markets.
On Friday and Monday money was flying out of the Japanese Banks and there was a rally on the NIKKI Friday and Monday but Tuesday the NIKKI dropped over 500 points and is now down another 175 points as the sell off continues because of lack of consumer confidence.
It has also not done any wonders to rejuvenate their commodities commerce.  So now the brilliant Janet Yellen has announced a new effort for The Federal Reserve Bank to research the possibility of a negative interest rate policy in the United States.
Now to the meat of my opinion to the answer to your question.  The Western banks are doing what they are doing for one reason. That reason is that there is an ongoing currency war with the Eastern Banking System which is not owned by the same group of people that own the Western banks.
The West is desperately trying to destroy the economies of the countries which are a part of the Eastern Banking System and maintain the fiat currency system of the West and maintain global domination. The Western Bankers believe they can pull enough rabbits out of their hats to outlast the Eastern Bankers who are trying to change the world banking system from fiat to asset backed.
What is going on is destroying both the Eastern and Western economies. It is like the old game of chicken with two cars on a head on collision course. Whoever veers off course is the loser but both live to see another day. The winner gets the title to the losers car. Or if neither veer off course there is a horrific collision which results in possibly death and the certain destruction of both cars.
That is what you are witnessing unfold before your eyes.  Who can outlast the other.
The Eastern Banks do not want to destroy the West because the West is the biggest customer of the East.
The East could easily destroy the West by pulling out their Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher which is the announcement that their currency is now gold backed and blow the Western Car off the road to avoid a collision.
Another possibility is the Western Economies might run out of gas. Either would quickly result in total decimation of the fiat currencies of the West and destroy the western economies.
The RV/GCR is a part of that process. If the West were to agree to all the rules that are a part of the implementation of the RV/GCR the transition away from the fiat currency based banking system to an asset backed banking system could be handled in a more controlled and less damaging way.
In that process the West would still lose the position of global domination that has been the norm for many years. Don’t get me wrong, there would still be a lot of pain and suffering in the West and the power shift would still occur to the East but there would be less sudden death and destruction of the Western Economies.
At some point the pain and suffering in the Eastern System by waiting and trying not to totally destroy the Western Economies will become greater than the pain and suffering caused by allowing them to be destroyed.
At that point if the Western Bankers do not agree to play nice and surrender I believe the East will pull the trigger on that RPG and blow the Western Fiat System and the associated Economies to smitherines and implement the RV/GCR by force rather than see the Eastern system totally destroyed.
So if the West caves in, or when the East pulls the trigger, that is when you will see the RV/GCR.