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Highlights from” The Big Call “Tuesday 10-27-15

Mangelo: Bruce call: opening prayers

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Ken and Bruce teaching

Mangelo:  Bruce call: now starting prayer request

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: health talk

Pinkroses: Bruce call: intel  … Bruce call: we do get info throughout the day, a lot the several days and more today. Our time very close for this to manifest. I will try to give you heads up where I think we are.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Iraq has passed, and amended HCL wich is oil and gold, minerals, diamonds gas law

Pinkroses:  bruce call: Where are we? From Iraq prospective, Iraq has passed a new oil law, they ammended it to include precious metals and minerals. Iraq is sitting on mountains of gold and minerals. It will affect their actual revenue for their citizens

PinkRoses: Bruce: some of their citizens have been paid but others will be paid after 2 hours of morning prayers tomorrow.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Iraq has done everything they have been told to do. Nothing else we need to see other than possibly see them being paid which suppose to occur manner of hours. Then we will see their celebrations.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: US. our currency has moved to change locations, to banks, to atms to be loaded in. the remainder of the USNs are being shipped today and loaded into banks and atms so on. That is a state of completion. that is moving and we need that to happen. has taken place and needs to take place.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: China is ready, and looking to push this through without further delay. We now rates been on screens until this afternoon which time they disappeared. There is a new collaberation of a certain banking system that is recalaberating that should be complete by morning.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are not calling it, just letting you know what he is getting!!!!!! rates have been good!!!! don’t ask me on rates!!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Groups and notifications ready to go. No time frames, but poised to release this the very near future. Not calling it as far as a date or time, but I can tell you but what I heard about timing is great for us. I hope to have a celebration call by Thursday. The rates are higher than we thought. Dont want to get into rates. Dont ask me for rates. Be confident in the fact things are going well for us.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: You may go with a smile to bed and wake up very happy…. lets hope so.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: is HSBC going to have 800 numbers?    Bruce: they are partnering with WF, they should

Mangelo: Bruce call: caller…heard on if it’s 1 to 1 not true. talking about the hit on the dollar and the remindi will go up a bit

PinkRoses:  bruce call: caller: saying something that Bruce not agreeing with. Bruce saying not anything to do with rates on the screen. Bruce: The Chinese currency, we are looking for it to go up to value from 6 to 14 percent. They were looking for the USD taking a hit the same. the rates on screen same rates pretty much with the new asset back currency. China wants the rates come out high….. Bruce: So we will see high rates

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are going to see some really good rates!!!!!!!!!!!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Are we still looking in going in to do with the exchange in 20 minutes? Bruce: the time frame we understand for exchanging in the off site locations is 20 to 40 minutes they have designated. If you have few notes they can take care of you within the 20 minutes.

Mangelo: Bruce call; caller, stilling doing the exchange in 20 min. you will get 40 min

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller, do you know in what order we will go in? groups, Bruce we have a shot gun approach

Mangelo: Bruce call: everyone will get notified at the same time!!!!!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: two part question. what order will we be going in? the Admirals, then we will go in? Bruce: I understand that we are going to have a shot gun approach. Everyone gets notified, the internet group, the Admiral group, WF group. EVeryone notified the sametime, then have 9 days or so to get through. Plan to get the public through that are not informed at a later time, but not know how quickly that will occur.

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: I have friend in Admiral group… Bruce: we cant share that info, it is private, I know what you are referring to. All she is saying in some cases, people been notified with a test email. just a test to make sure the emails were correct and not bounced back. that all it was.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller some people have been notified by email just has a test
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I am in the General64 group. Bruce: now known as the WF group.

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: heard things happening in Reno with the Admiral group, not heard these testing with THE group. Bruce: there is not been testing with the WF group that I not aware of. They not done a test, they may not do a test. Those in the group will just get notified in an email.

Mangelo: Bruce call: caller no test on the WF group, those in that group will be notified by email

Spartyville:  (No) email test is what bruce was talking of… to make sure emails are correct

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: you go over what in the basket? Bruce: dinar, dong, ZIM, rupiah, Afghani, and dont know if rial be in basket or come afterwards. Going to see some small up and down that we will see some small adjustments. My understanding it  should occur before end of the month.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller could you go over the currency in the basket, Dinar, Dong, Afgahni, Zim, Rupiah

Spartyville:  Bruce said it should occur by the end of the month

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: derivatives play a part in this? Bruce: yes, i feel they have a remedy for the derivitives.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: If concern with derivatives pick banks that dont have a dervative problem. chose your banks wisely.

PinkRoses:  Caller: WF okay? Bruce: WF are clear of derivatives

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller.. some of the derivatives are going to be written down on the balance sheet and some are fixed

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller..if it’s a shot gun approach, wasn’t it for going first, it was about getting rates

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: group question, if going to be a shotgun approach, wasnt going early the benefit being in the group? Bruce: no, the motivation was the benefits that were negotiated. Caller: the rates? the tax advantage?

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: groups will get an email

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Once you receive the email print out two or three copies, don;t lose it.

PinkRoses:  caller: On the China news, you said it will go up in percent? Bruce: I heard yes, renmimbi

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Bruce: The rial will happen same time or 24 to 48 hours after the other currencies go. On Thursday, a mood of expectation.

PinkRoses: Caller: Did they try to release it this week? Bruce: not to my knowledge, not heard they made an attempt. We should expect it a matter of hours to days.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: have they attempted this week, no!

GSwoo13:  Expecting this within hours to a few days woo hooo!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: expecting a great week. Bruce: We are expecting along with you.

GSwoo13:  He said we may wake up with a SMILE on our face!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I heard Regions a part of the exchange process, good bank?

Bruce: Yes, they are supposed to try to match what WF offering in terms of programs and benefits.

Mangelo: Bruce call; caller: talking about Regions bank, will be part of the process and should be able to match WF is offering, I think they are offering contract rate

PinkRoses: Caller: a contract rate they offer? Bruce: i dont know, I think so. I more interest what the group going to offer. If NDA we need to read it, if ask us to be quiet, then I will be quiet. I dont think it will rob us of personal freedom

Mangelo: Bruce call; caller what do think about the NDA, just read it, they will ask us to be quiet

PinkRoses:  caller: I’m afraid they can accuse me of something I didnt say …Bruce: I dont see that happening, I dont see them targeting us. If you feel couldn’t handle being under a NDA, then dont do it

PinkRoses: . Bruce call: Bruce: We cant predict what certain people or certain institutions will do. WE will see what it says.

PinkRoses: caller: Tony and Dc say many time there will be always trying to stop this. Are there still people trying to stop this? Bruce: On the one hand it is a process rolling out. Other hand, it seems they have some stopage. Question is, is the resistance down enough for this to go? Yes I feel it can go.

PinkRoses: Bruce: Iraq should be paid at the new current rate, 2 hours after morning prayer tomorrow.

Mangelo:  Bruce call; caller…asking about people trying to stop it..the process is happening but we have had some stoppage, I think the resistance is over, and the Iraqi people are supposed to be paid about 2 hours after services at the new rate

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: appreciation. I part of the WF group. I know there is a pre-negotiated tax on that. You have said no tax on the market rate. What you feel just go in instead of the group because of the tax?

PinkRoses: Bruce: my feeling is if you in the group you are a really good situation. My understanding the taxes not much of a problem. I think you will net more being in the group then outside the group.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: gifting. Bruce: the value is 14,000 or less from any one person to any one person per calendar year.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: the value of the gift, $14,000 per person

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: if more than one person to do gifting, I can give each to them?

Bruce: Yes, if you married your spouse can give 14,000, and you can give 14,000. Have the banks do the cashier check so the bank immediately honor. Use the bank certified checks if you going to gift around the holidays.

PinkRoses: Bruce: You can give 14,000 around Christmas, and then have a check dated January 2 with another 14,000 check. A way to give them 28,000 a few days apart.

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: You think it happen before end of month? Bruce: Yes that is where we are on tract for to happen…. Bruce: I am not a CPA or tax attorney. Make sure you check that the limits are 14,000. The limit may go up or stay. Give a quick phone call to cpa what the limits are.

Mangelo:  Bruce call make sure you talk with a Tax attorney, CPA for the right information on gifting

Pinkroses: Bruce call: caller: Is the US bank and B of A going to be exchanging? Bruce: Yes, I believe they will. I dont know much about the US bank, but B of A should be exchanging.

Dreamweaver:  The Internal Revenue Service announced the 2015 estate and gift tax limits today, and the federal estate tax exemption rises to $5.43 million per person, and the annual gift exclusion amount stays at $14,000.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: B of A told me we will not be exchanging the dinar. Bruce: That makes no sense. B of A is not even a factor in this for most of us. Consider an offsite exchange center WF will have in that state. You will have opportunity of wealth management where ever you are by WF. They are ready to go no matter where you are.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Your wealth manager will travel to these areas just to work with their clients. Just dont write off WF just because you dont have a branch in your state.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: You think this really going to fruiition now? Bruce: Yes, i do. I feel we are very close and it happening shortly.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller….when this happens the rates will stay for how long? rates , market rates for at least for 5 days…China wants it for 10 to 11 days

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: just recently we heard when it does happen the rates pretty good right now, and stay that way brief moment. what time limit we are looking at? Bruce: The rates, bank rates we call it, market rates, be there for 5 days steady. China wants them to be more like 10 or 11 days straight. If China wins they will be, if others win it be 5 days

PinkRoses: . Bruce call: caller: health issues with family and friend. I heard that the 14,000 rate was increased to 15,000. Bruce: check with your CPA if it has increased from 14,000 to 15,000.


PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Ken: I just checked on the IRS site, it is 14,000 for gifting tax free

Mangelo:  Bruce call; caller…what’s going on with prosperity packages, they have gone out or they are ready to go out…. Bruce call: caller… bonds have been settled

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: you said we be looking at the prosperity packages after this Rv? Bruce: I heard the prosperity packages have started to go out. I am not involve in the prosperity packages. Alot of these bonds and boxes of bonds started to be negotiated and settled this week. I think that is what happening for the prosperity packages to be put out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I bought a lot of dinar, a place I can exchange, no WF near me. Bruce: There will be a WF exchange location in the Tulsa area. It not going to be at a branch, but will have an offsite location. You have that option. Otherwise you have Chase and B of A to utilize. The ZIM will be exchanged at the big 4 banks WF, Chase, B OF A and Citibank.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: We dont know when it takes place. We are hoping to celebrate shortly. We dont know the time or date.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: What the 50T be worth ZIM? Bruce: 6 zeros off, whatever the rate is multiply it.

GSWoo13:  He says If you can work a calculator…ha ha then you can figure out zim rate

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: its over, good questions. we are happy to say we are at a point we believe things are moving along at a better pace. highly expected for things to happen shortly. Be in a mood of expectation. Thank you Ken, operating board.  Praying out call. Call over

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Ken ending with a prayer

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce # 605-562-3170, reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456