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Highlights From The Big Call Thursday 10-29-15

Mangelo:  Bruce call: giving out national prayer call….. Ken going over lesson tonight

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce is excited in what we are about to experience!

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: talking about health

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: prayer request right now

Mangelo:  Bruce call: intel:::::::::Intel coming

LadyB22: Bruce praying said….”and everybody on TNT”…….

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: First, what is going on the last couple of days been very quiet, sort of media blackout, not sort of, but call it that. Info from Iraq scarce. Info about our blessing been a little coming through.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: what is interesting is there was an offering of Chinese bonds in London.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: One bond 1 year, one 2 years duration. This is one thing china needed to do to put bonds out there to put themselves in special drawing right (SDR) basket. That was a step China needed to do, and they done it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: you are going to see more and more things happening with the Chinese Reminbi, coming into a world reserve. Timing we are looking for, we think it is right there. We are not looking at anything that will take us past this weekend.


PinkRoses: Bruce: hearing hours and days away. That is very good. rates moving up, rates on screens throughout the world.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: been exchanges the last 3 days or so. Believe we going to have a shot gun start as far as notification which i do not think it be far off. Are we having celebration call? we still in pre celebration mode still. Alot of money been moving around.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: major funding now in place with at least one major bank to take care of prosperity programs and our exchanges, money is in place. WE are looking for certain signals, the process is under way, definitely under way. Certain entities have signed off.

Firzgerald:  Dont make plans to go anywhere for a couple days

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: I think it will proceed nicely. NO one make plans to go anywhere they have to go because i think they will be busy next couple of days. Rates are high, and moving higher. The rates are good.

Fitzgerald:  rate are high and good

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Get ready to enjoy a new paradigm

Fitzgerald:  Q&A NOW

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Caller- are we waiting for IMF to give the go ahead

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: IMF, i believe they are going to make an announcement, most likely be CL. With the help of China pushing it through.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: with China pushing it through

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I recieved an email about the new currency, and it indicated that the IMF was waiting for the new currency to be distibuted to state that didnt have them. true?

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller is asking if the new currency is at the banks at exchange centers

PinkRoses: Bruce: let me say, the new currency we expecting to see is already at the exchange locations, all ready at the banks, and will be inserted in the atm machines when the time it will occur.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: the lower denoms, the 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Iraq denoms, suppose to go out late late late tomorrow night. for that to occur they need an international Iraq.

Mangelo: Bruce call: they would need the new international rate

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: the Goat says the dong not in basket, you have evidence? Bruce: yes I do

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller yes the dong is in the basket and it’s way over $2.00

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: cap on the ZIM?

PinkRoses: Bruce: I am not a cap guy. What I heard so far indicates a cap on the ZIM. Dont go to a tier two bank with lots of ZIM. Go to the 4 major banks as WF.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: clarify how exactly on the banks able to exchange my currency into american dollars.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: the banks collect the currency that is exchange, take the currency give it to the US treasury or give it to an international trading location to give it back to orgin country.

Mangelo:  Bruce: It is just a little physical move on the money itself, also a digital move. You draw against that exchange in your account.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: That means the banks have an agreement with the federal reserve? Bruce: dont worry about it. it is a simple process, the banks already have worked it out. it is all set up.

PinkRoses: Bruce: your job is to just show up at the bank, have your act together.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: any truth of rumor of ZIM notes, that trillion notes become million notes?

PinkRoses: Bruce: yes, trillion notes become million with 6 zeros off, billion notes 3 zeros off.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: the US said they may put sanctions on Zimbabwe, if that is the case will it affect the ZIM going in to basket?  Bruce: why you bringing that in for?  caller: i want clarity  Bruce: I havent seen the article. As far as I know we are good to go on the exchange of the ZIM, nothing going to stop that as far as we can see at this point.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: woudl I hold onto my ZIM? No, i would move quickly on it. exchange it whatever the rate is on the screen… what I heard is fantastic.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: nothing going to stop it, go ahead the zim right away. it’s going to be very good

WiseLaura: Bruce thinks that this weekend but when the new denominations are released tomorrow in Iraq we should follow closel   He thinks likely for tomorrow night – no guarantee but an excellent opportunity. The dong is well over $2

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: Are they taking all the denoms of the ZIM and is the rate higher than .25?

PinkRoses: Bruce: not higher than .25, bit lower. We dont know what they going to do with the million and hundred thousand ZIM notes. just take them in and see what happens.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Clarify this, I look at currency exchange earlier today, I saw for the ZIM what it amount to a penny. What I noticed was only available for ten minutes. few hours samething. I called Chase, they not exchange ZIM. If it had remained at that penny, I consider that an exchangeable currency.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: You are talking about, an amateur site, not for the pros. I dont care what even the forex say, what is important what the bank screen say. Is it active, you can actively do? The rates will be alive, and exchange allowed then. I wouldnt mess with other than a tier one bank to exchange the ZIM.

PinkRoses: Bruce: It doesnt mean anything. When the banks have actual rate on screen, we have appt to exchange, that is what matters and it is real. Look at it as if it was a test, testing the system.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller.. what matters is when it’s on the bank screen!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: clarify something. you said… large sums of money moved around. Bruce: yes extremely large amounts have moved around.

PinkRoses: Bruce: caller: This exchange will be on our acct digitally. What is the purpose of this large amount moving around?

Mangelo:  Bruce call; caller; clarify, large, extremely large amounts of money being moved around….if we are getting digital…what is the reason for the money…..that is money available

PinkRoses:  Bruce: This large amount is there for the prosperity packages, and amount of exchanges we need here. There is plenty of money to handle the exchanges.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Currency dealers on ebay when this goes can they exchange it? Bruce: If they are a currency dealer, No. If individual, I dont know their rights. Most of the guys dealers, they do not get to keep the currency themselves. They have agreement to send the currency back where it came from.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: Caller: If the banks want us go to the exchange centers, for the tellers who not know about it? Bruce: No for the customers, so we not disturb their business. The tellers should know about it now.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: My brother dealing with a branch manager. He got a call from this manager, that he manager got a call from their corp saying they will send 4 to 5 managers to handle our group.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Caller: If we watch ebay and the currency disappears, then we know it has happened? Bruce: Yes

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: We know they going to knock zeros of the Zim, the dinar also? Bruce: No, dont start that.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I heard activity on forex.

PinkRoses: Bruce: We heard the forex went down other day then came back up. We cant set watch by forex. Dont worry about the forex. Just worry about the bank screens, that is what going to make or break our exchanges.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Ken shutting it down. Bruce: Be aware that we are doing short call tonight.

GSWoo13:  I like Deb Tar Heels …she is next call.

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: Call ending, Ken praying out call. CAll done.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Ken doing the closing prayer…. Bruce call: thanking everyone on TNT

[Sallypuff] Bruce – I won’t mess around with anything other than a Tier 1 bank.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – It will be real when we get the call to go in and have the 800#s.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – 409 – Q – You said large sums of money have been moved around. Bruce responded “Extreme Amounts” Question is what is the purpose of large amounts.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – large amounts for the PP and for the exchanges.

[Sallypuff] Bruce 269 – Asking for the mercy rule – ie. 2 questions and a comment. What about the currency exchangers on E-Bay?

[Sallypuff] Bruce – most who are dealers are in essense holding currencies on consignment
[Sallypuff] Bruce – bank tellers know about it now, and also most bank employee know.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – telling about a bank that will send 4 WM from NY to his locality.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – we know they are knocking zeroes off the zim; will they knock them off the Dinar. No, don’t start with that.

[Sallypuff] Bruce 850 – Bruce said we can’t set our watches by the FOREX. ONly worry about the FOREX at the bank – where you make your exchange.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – listening to closing prayer. A prayer of thanks for what He has done and will do for His people. You provide an abundance for us Father. We give thanks for all thinks, and give glory and honor to you.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – we love you guys, look forward to working with thousands of you on humanitarian projects and ministries. Jump on Debbie’s prayer call.

[Sallypuff] Bruce – The End

[Sallypuff] Bruce – Ken is playing some great Praise music. (It is good for the soul)

Sallypuff] Bruce – we are doing a short call tonight because Debbie has a call at 9 PM – DebTarHeelGirl and Cap1 THURSDAY NIGHT 10-29-15 AT 10:00pm EASTERN TIME Here is the number for the call Dial: 641-715-3650 code 986491#