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Iko Ward: Hi ho, hi ho, it’s to the banks we go…

vikkimark :GM IKO…are you feeling encouraged this morning?

Iko Ward : Sorry guys, was making breakfast. Yes, I am encouraged.

Natok:  everyone read where O lowered the deficit?

Christmas13:  Obama lowering the deficit is just the beginning of the end of our ride being leaked out IMO

Seems as though they are camouflaging erasing the deficit…this is just the beginning of the cover up so be patient.  Link

Smartblonde55:  Am I living in a parallel universe? …..interesting reference to Clinton,though. And we know how he left a surplus;)

[xyz] cbi: (Press release) Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to respond to statements that relate to monetary policy 10/11/2015

[xyz] Parliament finish the first reading of the budget worth 106 trillion dinars, and to raise its the day after tomorrow

[xyz] Central Bank: the drop in oil prices did not affect us and our reserves of large currency

[xyz] Jordan appoints new finance minister in a surprise move days of the government’s talks with the International Monetary Fund for a new program of financial aid after.

[xyz] International banks need 1.1 trillion euros international banks need 1.1 trillion euros extra to prevent a new global financial crisis, such as those occurred in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

[xyz] Delete the zeros of encouraging the flow of funds towards the inside the effect is direct and which can palpation over the long term will serve to encourage the flow of capital towards the inside and that foreign investors will put more confidence in the investment climate, which will improve with time in the country.

[xyz] BP sees steep Iraqi oil output gains unlikely in 2016

[xyz] Supreme Judicial Council is a judicial investigative body to look at the documents Chalabi

DaddyShark:  Lou Dobbs on Fox announced thonight that officially tomorrow the Chinese Juan will be pegged to the Swiss Franc. Anyone think that may be a major event that may be GCR related?

Mangelo:  daddyshark it could be

Tightwad:  my first thought is – swiss franc is very stable. – looks to me like super pairing


Tishwash:  Announcement: From the CBI to Warka Bank….

The Central Bank of Iraq expresses its warm greeting,

We would like to inform that as part of the Warka Bank rehabilitation plan
the Central Bank of Iraq hereby approves the practice of all your banking
activities in accordance with your banking licenses issued by the Central
Bank of Iraq in accordance with Central Bank of Iraq bylaws and

regulations which includes the entry into the CBI bid auction for the
purchase and sale of foreign currency.

Best regards,  Salman Eidan Abdullah

Director General