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Iko Ward: Sorry guys, just went a touched base with my contacts and looked for other polling in the market. So nothing’s changed since this morning except Forex. Gold and Crude and the Stocks did as expected. Going on OM to ask Rayren

GatorGuy:  Iko ….. didn’t you think that 1085 is the magic number?

Iko Ward:  Yes Gator, I was told two years ago when I got into Forex that was the magic number. Guess we’re about to see.

Catgirl:  down again to 1086.4

Dreamsdocometrue:  Wow…1086.4…Come on RV

Iko Ward : Hey guys, Forex has set the board at 1086.4. So now we see where it goes. Normally, it gets better (lower) all the other indicators are in place.  This could be quite a night.

Iko Ward: 1085 was a rate given back in 2013 as a trigger point for bonds, revaluations, contract releases international treaties all kinds of stuff to release. We’re just going to have to wait and see.

Bnkr:  Middle East Countries in Financial Trouble Link

Excellent chart showing fiscal buffers and break even oil prices.