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CandyKisses:  The Finance Committee completes voting on the paragraphs of the budget law


Baghdad Today – Baghdad


On Saturday, the Finance Committee held a meeting to discuss voting on the articles and paragraphs of the budget law.


The media department of the parliament said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today), that “the Finance Committee held a meeting to discuss voting on the articles and paragraphs of the budget law.”


The Parliamentary Finance Committee is meeting now, to discuss and complete the vote on the articles and paragraphs of the budget law.


The parliament session is scheduled to be held today for the purpose of voting on the budget law, but the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen al-Mandalawi, indicated that the vote on the law will be next Monday.


Tishwash:  Parliamentary warning against boycotting the budget voting session


The representative of Diwaniyah Governorate, Aziz Sharif Al-Mayahi, warned, on Saturday, against boycotting the voting session on the federal budget in the event that two important files were not included in it.


Al-Mayahi said in a statement received by Al-Maalouma, that “Diwaniyah governorate and its people are among the first to sacrifice for its success, and we made countless sacrifices for Iraq, the perpetuation of its democratic experience and the fight against terrorism,” noting that “unfortunately, despite these sacrifices, the penalty was Neglecting the most basic rights approved by the constitution to preserve the citizen and provide him with a decent life.


He added, “Al-Diwaniyah, and everyone knows that it is one of the poor governorates, and does not have any additional resource or border outlet to support its economy, and even agriculture, which was the only support for its people, has entered a dangerous phase as a result of drought and lack of water quotas, which makes us before a serious stand to do justice to the province and save its people through Include two important files in the budget.


Al-Mayahi continued, “The first of these files is the allocation of job grades for their children as a result of the lack of other livelihoods and the high rate of unemployment in them, which created a population migration, especially from the youth segment, to other governorates to search for job opportunities and exclude them from the decision to stop job grades in the budget.”


He added, “The second file is through increasing the governorate’s allocations in the budget, in a way that provides it with sufficient space to complete the infrastructure and establish small and medium projects, in addition to establishing a free zone for trade exchange and a commercial airport because of the strategic and vital geographical location of the governorate, which allows revitalizing the status of the governorate and provides job opportunities for youth and supports its local economy.”  link




CandyKisses:  Parliamentary Defense: Parliament is unanimous to remove US forces


Information / Baghdad


A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Hussein Al-Ameri, on Saturday, the existence of a parliamentary consensus on the implementation of the decision to remove US forces from Iraq, calling on the Prime Minister to inform Parliament about the reasons for the US presence in Iraq.




Amiri said in an interview with the agency / Information / that “the decision to remove US forces from Iraq is binding on the government as it was issued by the parliament during its fourth session and included the removal of all foreign forces.”


He added, “Most of the political forces within the House of Representatives agree to remove all foreign forces, led by the Americans, from Iraq,” noting that “the government is obligated to inform Parliament of the reasons for the presence of American forces and their military bases.”


A member of the Rights Movement, Hussein Jassim, had called in a previous interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani to abide by the House of Representatives’ decision to schedule the American withdrawal from Iraq, stressing that Iraq does not need any foreign military presence.


The House of Representatives had voted early (May 2020) and unanimously on the decision to remove all foreign forces from Iraq, including the American ones.