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Highlights From The Big call: 11-19-15

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: call starting

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: We are still hanging on and waiting for the time for this to go. I am feeling very good what I am hearing. Hope you guys still feeling good as I am.

LadyB22: Bruce call – Kent is getting excited…. Bruce said that’s a big deal.

LadyB22:  Bruce call – the email Kent is looking for is part of the reason he is excited. They will stop the Bible lesson to read it to us.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Intel overview

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: what we have heard since Tues call, most of which is good. Highly expectant for this to go down at almost any moment. We do believe everything is done, complete. Iraq part done and over. They do have their key cards charged up and are spending

Pinkroses: Bruce call: They LD’s are out, dont know if all the salaries been paid. We know the Chinese have been happy for a while and continue to be happy for everything to come out. Activities out west moving nicely and rolling as it supposed to.

BJ:  Bruce: Chinese happy; activities out west rolling like supposed to; exchanges at reduced rate in Germany

Pinkroses:  Bruce: some exchanges in Germany at a reduced rate in dinar because every country have a separate rate based on the IMF based on their participance they have in the Iraq war, coalition. Determine by monetary, boots on ground, etc.

BJ: Bruce: exchanges in New York and Las Vegas but not at moment

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Rate determine on their particpance on the war. Told no groups going on at the moment we are told. IF you are part of a group and many of you are, let that notification come to you which could take 24 to 48 hours to roll out.

PinkRoses:   Bruce: I don’t expect that in terms with emails as WF group. I feel we will have a shotgun approach as well as the internet group. Some may be tempted to take off and go, but going to be wise if part of a group is to wait for the group and follow instuctions in email and take advantage what the group will offer. Dont ask me anymore about groups. They are private

BJ:  Bruce: wait on your group so you can take advantage of what group has to offer

Pink Roses:   Bruce call: Some of you are part of groups, some are not. All be taken care of. You have an opportunity to many concern of trust and structure, don’t have those set up before hand. Go in and expect to meet the people that will help you set up your structures. GEt with the Wealth managers, private banking groups, work with the attorneys and cpa at least initially to get started

PinkRoses:  Bruce: then you can get your own people. If you don’t have all that stuff set up, and 90 percent of us don’t, don’t sweat it. You will be able to take your time to do that as you learn.

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: You will be wise if you can learn all the aspects of this new found wealth, everything going to be yours. Wise to learn what you can about investments with your advisors. They will be able to read you quickly how far you are with the investment game. They will do their best to help you learn. They will have seminars for you to learn.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: We will have such. WE plan not going anywhere, and plan to have calls to help you.

BJ:  Bruce: some people will be able to help you on the big call after the rv

PinkRoses:  Bruce: WE can make a difference in so many ways.

Champagne Life:  Bruce: invest wisely, so you can give wisely

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: rates still quite good, they are fine.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Kent going to read email of intel info.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Kent: Everything single mandate requested by IMF, world bank, and UN have been delivered on. AML law done. Budget and deficient, salary ? done. CBI oversight and monitoring panel agreed with IMF done. Person put it out is Arcookie. Bruce dont know who that is.

BJ:  Bruce: every country has signed off; Phillipines was last

ChampagneLife:  Bruce: everything is ready, everything is in place

PinkRoses:  Bruce: everything is ready, in place. Last nation to sign off with the IMF is the Philippians. Every country has signed off. WE are waiting for the perfect timing for this to drop in. We can feel good for this ride to come to an end, to exchange and start new life shortly.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I was informed on Tony’s call somebody from area 919, brought in that I had said that dinar coming out at a dollar. I think the caller was greatly mistaken. I have never said that the dinar coming out at a dollar. To clarify this. We love tnt and good work going there. That is not my opinion and didnt say it, whoever that caller is get it from someone else that said i said it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: literally we could have it any moment. We need to continue to be patient. Thought we would have a celebration call tonite, could still have one tonite. My opinion we are looking at a timing issue. When it is a good time for this to drop in.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: That is where we are. You can feel confident, blessed, highly expectant for this to come through

Pinkroses: Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: I did hear that caller say that Bruce said that. I knew Bruce not say that. This guy totally wrong, idk who he is

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: I read some gal on her opinions and she sounded like this could stretch out till wee hours of Sunday morning and that the Rv could happen before 4/22. Im kinda on the edge, is there any expectation it could drag out until Sunday am?

Bruce: Always the possibility it could drag out till Sunday am. WE know we are close, we know things are accomplished, things are ready now for awhile…. It is a matter of exact time when this could drop for us. I did not read it needed to go in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I do not expect that, no.

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: If people are cashing out, i wouldnt expect the groups to go before the regular people    Bruce: i expect the groups to be notified same time as other people

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: We are losing a huge number of Vets with suicide each day, Veterans are taking it hard.   Bruce: We have to do what we can to reach out. WE will be involve in that.

Pinkroses: Bruce caller: When we do our exchange just to tell them to put majority of our money in noninterest acct, it be fairly safe?    Bruce: I advise you when you meet with the bankers at exchange, ask their advise. I dont care whether it non or not non interest acct.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: Are we going to have any tax. They saying if street amount probably non tax?

Bruce: Yes they are saying if street rate it be non taxable event

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I know the guy was talking about Martha earlier. MG say it going to be anytime. Martha said something about the ZIM not in the basket. Frank said the dong being pushed out by China?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: not heard anything about it but by them. What I am hearing all the currencies we been following in the first basket and they are ready to go.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: 100 trillion, still need to have 100 trillion to exchange the zim?  Bruce: old wives tale. Your 10 trillions will go just fine with 6 zeros off like the 100 trillion.
PinkRoses:  KENT: Lady corrected that immediately about the caller; Bruce: thank you Lady and tnt

Pink Roses: Bruce caller: article 8 with IMF, it is a requirement that IMF made for Iraq to meet before it be international recognized and tradeable.

Bruce: I dont think article 8 required. Article 7 was required. The tradablility for the currency internationally. It is the final thing to release them from that. They need the internationally currency back, that is what we are waiting for.

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: appreciation, Tony had stated that people on east coast bought so much zim, that why we put you on 20, 50, 100 year plan to be paid out on zim. You said as long as we deal with that one big bank not should be a limit?

Bruce; hearing two things. There maybe a limit one billion usd as result of exchange of the zim per entity. Then i heard that maybe not be an issue in certain cases. Im going to say maybe and maybe not be. As far as your 25, 50 100 year pay out program, not heard that at all.

Pinkroses: Bruce caller: going in to the exchange

Bruce: If you go in and have the attitude of saying i need some help in this area can you give me a hand in this. most people will bend over backwards to help you, even bankers…. They can help you to learn, not to do everything for you. You do need to learn this stuff.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: you feel anything different where we are this week right now from the past?

Bruce: yes it has to do with the funding going in place even today. trns available and out ready for exchange. those are in place we are trying to verify that. We do see quite abit of money movement. WE are seeing certain things occuring that we didn’t see last week even Tuesday

Bruce: I hoping we are still on for this week. WE do not know time or day. WE should have a mood of expectation everyday now.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: timing of length of time for exchange of zim, is that time frame 30 days still?

Bruce: time we have to exchange the zim, last time i heard that is 21 to 38 days. I am not telling anyone to wait on the zim. My plan with zim is to go in immediately. The rates quite good, better than what we told you before. You will be very happy with it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: having butterfiles nervous energy    Bruce: nervous energy, but fear is not okay. Be confident, dress for success, be pleasant, smile. I have to tell myself sometimes to smile.

Bruce dont be in fear, remember be in faith

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: recently went in to the G20 meeting and read????

Bruce: not concern about that. About bailins.

Bruce: I dont see bailins …its not an issue

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: MG had said there be a 40 cent sucker rate for 10 day period before the actual rv would happen. is that what we are dealing with right now.

Bruce: that is not what I am hearing with a number of bank sources. I would say exact opposite.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I’ve  been listening to you and everyone else. You really feel this going to go down by Sunday?   Bruce: Yes, I do feel it will go by Sunday

Bruce: some say before Sunday, some say by Sunday

Bruce: i am feeling pretty good about it guys. intel we getting is pointing that way. just need timing right. Everything we can tell is completed and done. we dont know anything else to be done.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller; what kind of timing they are waiting on?

Bruce: i dont think anything particular. …what we understand china in drivers seat and coordinating with our agencies. it going to happen when it happens

Pink Roses:  bruce caller; iraq wants to push that button?    Bruce: lets call it a joint exercise involving all the nations at once. iraq is done. they are not waiting on Iraq

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: curious about trns. if feeling pretty confident this ready to go

Bruce: that is the quadtrillion zim question, that the trns need to be out there. we hear verification they are out….. then hear they are not out. we are not sure about them being out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: one more thing. been 5 years, seen progress made. this what makes it look different from a month ago what been accomplished

Bruce: it looks like from a legal point of view they are done. laws passed and enacted. They hsve  been buying stuff, celebrated, had a kind of black out of info, only hearing about ISIS

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: you have confirmation they are using those cards

PinkRoses:   Bruce caller: 10 trillion zim notes be accepted?  Bruce: yes the 10 trillion notes, billion notes. yes, the trillion and billion notes we hear are being taken

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: rates? they showing?

Bruce: we heard rates been on the screens now, showing front and back screens. That some transaction taken place in some cities. yes, rates are there, sometimes when people are trying to do a transaction they get to the end and it not completed.

Bruce: the theory is that when that happens and it becomes live for us to exchange. some of the hedge mangers could jump on this, it could affect the rates. the rates could go up. my plan to go in fairly quickly to get it done.

Bruce: closing Q and A

Bruce: thank you everbody. I am excited where we are. I am looking for this to be over after over 10 years myself and move on to the next phrase.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Whatever time you been involved in this, we are going to look back on this and say WOW, that was something else. what a ride. What did I learn about patience, helping other people. This is a test. IT didnt come easy. It is a test.,That is okay,. We are building character, patience.

Bruce: It is a huge blessing. Until the manifestation of the blessing be on our plan A and continue to trust.

Bruce: trust that we dont lose our investments, and give foolishly. remember 4 little things: 1) lose no money 2) grow the money 3) protect the money 4) be in postition to give the money to help others

Bruce: I am  going to put some in a fund and as it grows I can give more each quarter. That is a gift that keeps on giving, an endowment fund. we want to do this….. continuessly  tithing.

Bruce: grow the money so you can continue to give it. every quarter you know how much you earn. okay how much we spend. how much can we give? oh that much. lets figure it out how much we can give not to erode the principle. think in terms of giving it.

Bruce: thank you for coming in on call, looking forward hopefully a celebration call next Tuesday. Watch your emails just in case. Kent: pray call out.

Bruce call: Kent praying call out. Call is done

Pink Roses:  The big call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456