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RE: Abadi Gives 72 Hours Article
Briona:  The specificity of 72 hours is interesting. They must expect something completed within this time frame.
Ecubucs :  There will be signs showing all around the world if it IS happening… We just continue to wait… News WILL Leak Out prior to 72 hours!
Dinara:  I think they are trying to hide something. Not sure what..Maybe that they are really not wanting us to know of a rate change or some other reason. LOL is that they think they aren’t being watched and people know they are hiding something. JMO

Luvwulfs:  This was posted in chat yesterday by TipTop or TapTop FWIW: My father in law lives in Vietnam. He told me rumor that Vietnam about to exchange new money soon. Evidence of 8 containers of currency have arrived where they need to be.
BevP:  Hello everyone I have been in this chat room since it open I just come in once in a while to read updates…I have a bank story…
Yesterday my husband and I went to pick up someone hot wings and the bank is directly right in front of this place that we were..
when we pulled up there were around 20 cars sitting in the bank parking lot…if there open they usually stay open until noon every Saturday…and of course they were not open for business yesterday because of the holiday…they return back to work on Tuesday…
So we thought that maybe they were either having a meeting or maybe could it be that they were cashing in a few selected people…just thought that was interesting.