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Currencies Gripped by Political Risk, Oil Slumps

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Iraq News: Today’s news from Mosul:

After pausing and regrouping in December, the Coalition forces have made significant advances in Eastern Mosul. They have been able to punch through to reach a foothold on the Tigris river. Eastern Mosul is looking good to be liberated within the next couple of months. However, Western Mosul could take another six months. Here’s a quote from today’s article:

“Unless an unexpectedly rapid collapse of IS unfolds, the western side of the city will need to be assaulted in a separate military operation launched after some weeks of reset and planning for the ISF.

This suggests that east Mosul may be cleared in January 2017 or early February, whilst the clearance of west Mosul may stretch well into the second quarter of 2017.”

US special forces targeted specific leaders of ISIS in a raid near the Syrian border today, but haven’t released the names of who they killed.

Sky Press