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Elmerf12346:  I just got this text from my mystery man: Across the Pond Plans for lower denominations on fast move now in country. We have a time table and it’s very soon is all I can say.

I haven’t heard from my contact in over 3 weeks and he sends me this little nugget. I want to strangle him in the most loving way. Lord let this be so! We stand tall and ready to receive this Blessing.

Searching for Intel is an addiction and a hobby. Unfortunately when your good contact close to the situation is asked to be quiet, so is Intel separation. But in this case all is forgiven. Let’s bring it! Lol.

All we need now is our REALITY I’m ready and I know all of you are as well. Let’s get this done and call it complete. I patiently await that moment.

Elmer123456:  We have all waited what seems to be a maternity we have been up and we have been down and this indeed has been an emotional struggle for many!

This journey has not been one of a smooth paved road but a rocky one! In the beginning we heard much and believe everything and then we got wiser and sore more validation of what we seek! I believe our celebratory days or among us!

Thank you for riding along with all of us as one TNT strong

Eternity. Maternity for some also Lol… you know that AutoCorrect will hit you anytime you’re not looking

Adept1:   Elmer: Push! Push! Push!

Elmerf123456:  Well maybe AutoCorrect is smarter than all of us because if you think about it this is probably very similar to maternity all the pains that we’ve had the ups and downs and so forth but once we get our RV we will forget about all the pain and all the time it took us to get here

Elmerf123456:  I don’t do timelines. I want it now like everyone. If you hold the ticket (currency) you get to go to the show! (exchange) that’s what’s most important.