Mosul is reportedly at 80 percent in the west. Parliament is looking for the remaining ministers to be resolved.

On Iraqi TV, the budget has been approved and on the way to the Gazette (again). Claims that it will be opened to the whole world. I am still being told to look for a new rate when the full budget is released. Time Will Tell.

The CBI sight remains unchanged for several days now. Hmmmmm??

I am now up to 15 banks openly accepting the Iraqi dinar just like any other international currency.

CovenantBridge:  anyone notice that this weekend is a three day holiday? Martin Luther King day is Monday. Sure would be great for the internet group to go this weekend and the public go on the 20th…

Obama is supposed to give his farewell speech tonight. Anyone think there will be GCR hints in it?

it is supposed to be a speech that talks about his accomplishments and his legacy… there has got to be some hints in it that only those paying attention would catch.

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