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“Done and Done” – RV Redemption/Exchange Story by Jimi – 1.12.17   1:56:00 AM
Discernment is highly advised. If this is true, then surely it was not Tier 4 as we would all be exchanging as well. It is my understanding that sovereign rates are planned for Tier 4 exchanges. ~ Dinar Chronicles
My appointment went well.
I was there 30 minutes early, sat down and was called at 3:10.
Just a normal transaction, nothing special at all.
My funds will be available in two days.
Since most of you made fun, after I tried to share my excitement, I won’t say what else happened.
But the rates were very very good. You can continue listening to these story writers, the hollow earth, the fake rates of 125K for humanitarian projects.
No other rates were offered, no sovereign deals, it seems to be just a tall story that someone made up. But you’ll only realize that at your appointment, like I did.
If you want to do your projects, then fine.
My CPA is in Santa Cruz and I will have an appointment with her next week.
No NDA at all, even at these rates. Like I said, it’s just a business transaction, no more no less.
And taxes, Yes, you will pay taxes on earned income. You’ll find out on your own, I won’t say anything about it.
You people are really gullible, I read some of the post and just shake my head…….and then others seem to hop on that train of thought to expound it even more.
Anyway……. I got mine… Go get yours and stop listening to all of this garbage or you’ll miss the train.
I have great things to do so I have no need to listen to all of this garbage.
I’m gone.   Jimi

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