Reportedly the Supreme Court law passed today…. no announcement on Mosul.
That law is believed to have to happen before Iraq’s international status is complete. Time Will Tell.
I am now up to 19 US banks buying and selling the dinar.
OkRocks:   The House voted to approve the draft Judicial Council Act Aloaly..itba​ Source:*
LadyB22:  A 3 day weekend is coming up… and some are expectant for something to happen by the 15th…. so I’m praying by the 15th.
Tishwash:  United: the world is convinced of the need for Iraq’s return fixture
BAGHDAD / Center Brief National NNC- said united parliamentary bloc chairman Dhafer al-Ani, said that the international community and regional countries satisfied the need for the return of Iraq to the player at the center in the region, pointing out that the end of the last chapter of the terrorist Daesh became close.
He said the Ghanaian, said in a statement that “in this period that has elapsed from the age of the current government, there has become a channel of the international community and regional countries, we are witnessing the end of the last chapter of fighting Iraqis against Daesh gangs of terror, and that Iraq could return to a regional player and a hub mainly in the region. ”
He continued that “there is a feeling in the international community on the direction of Iraq to help Iraq and Iraqis to stand next to the battle against terrorism.”
He called on the President of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, the earlier, the international community to stand firmly with Iraq in its fight against terrorism.
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