Walter-bs:  there was a time, 30 days ago, when I thought a change on CBI would never happen on a friday nor a saturday. the usual date / rate updated was on Sunday.
If it does not change this morning. will have not changed in over 9 days. I have been watching cbi for over 6 years……It’s never gone this long before update of some kind. does this mean anything to us? maybe, maybe not.
Shasta-Connect:  Well, if Obama is going to claim this RV for his legacy this is his last weekend to get ‘er done. Tony and DC always like the three day weekend scenario. Time will Tell…. Trump will benefit from the cash flow and numbers like GDP for sure …. but as a personal think … If Obama wants to be the one to pull the trigger, this is his last weekend … I wait patiently and am enjoying the drama unfolding
Pearle:  Even if one person gets the credit officially, we know how it started, each Administration will get its credit, unless they choose to lie about it
RockyMntLady:  I don’t care who gets the credit…just get it done!
Harambe:  Bloomberg: Cash Is King in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as Dollar Supply Dries ​Up​be-s-zimbabwe-as-dollar-supply-dries-up
Shasta-Connect:  HARAMBE thankks for sharing that link … I like where it says, ” In a bid to address the banknote shortage, the government began distributing so-called bond notes in November, with about $73 million of the dollar-linked securities issued to date. While the introduction of the notes was met with protests, initial predictions that they would be universally rejected haven’t materialized with banks and most large retailers recognizing them as legal tender. ”
Harambe:  AP: Iraqi forces enter Mosul University in battling IS for city
OkRocks:  Iraqi force also raided today the University of Mosul and seized cont​rol of the compound competencies university entrance and raised the Ir​aqi flag over the buildings and took control of the second bridge in t​he city of Mosul (Liberty Bridge) and a number of government departmen​ts.

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