RoadEngineer: I always hear that people are exchanging and Reno is where elders are from other sites, I was just wondering where because I can’t even get a bank to acknowledged they will exchange there.
Ecubucs: roadengineer From my findings… Yes Reno IS one of the places that exchanges have and may now be exchanging but as for me and most here… We are not Tier 1 & 2 level so very doubtful any of us could speak with anyone that will acknowledge if in fact exchanges are occurring… Just my two dinar.
Carlosisan:  what about wf, are we able to exchange there
Ecubucs:  carlosisin i’ve not heard of any wf exchanges… Not to say there hasn’t been any… If so, they would be “private” exchanges because the revaluation has not officially shown up to the world yet
That’s Not to say it hasn’t happened!!! Because, It Has… We just cannot exchange as a whole yet.

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