Airam: This is getting interesting ..2017 here we are and here we go ..every year is the yr of the blessings…this is getting little awkward..I can not remember how long we have been around the corner…how far is the corner. Or simply what corner …
when you are running in a race and you don’t know where it ends there’s no way to know when you are near the end .so all i hear is this time for real we are closer….we are there …its done .just waiting our turn ..this adventure has proven our faith and our waiting skills… 11 yrs and many false GO…ALL I CAN DO IS LAUGH..
GoodTimes1:  To be honest this has been delayed so long, none of this makes sense anymore
Beethovan:  I’m tired of chasing the carrot on the stick. If I’m going to chase something it might as well be chocolate!  Lol
Tada:  GM Dear Ones….. There’s a NEW F Word for this year…. Forgiveness…. blessings to all my TNT Family. Forget the old; in with the NEW.
Harambe:  Reuters: In parts of Mosul, a semblance of normality despite war​082

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