TNT SHOWTIME CC (Highlights by Sunny)

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Highlights of TNT conference call.
Ray: Memos that went out to the banks . . .have not passed those dates mentioned yet. . .31st is looking good!
Ray: It’s fantabulous Friday!  Still here on this side of RV or GCR . . .of that event.
TODAYS INTEL:  My sources never indicated to me that Abadi would make an announcement this morning. . .that did not take place.  In the mosques, particularly Baghdad, telling people their cards will be delivered to them BY the 31st.
CURRENT WINDOW: Ray:  . . .cards delivered BY the 31st.  Looks like a window. . . Memos that went out to the banks overseas and here . . .date specific . . .have not passed those dates mentioned yet.  
Any minute, any second, any day. 
RayIndicators that this is going to happen now any time, any minute, up to 31st and if it doesn’t and we come together on 1st will take a look and see what did happen and what remains to take place.
IRAQ: Indicators:  Ray:   International cards funded and with new rate . . .strong indicators to me.

  • Activated Card Rate: Ray: Don’t know if the $3.71 is showing yet .. heard $3.41. $3.51 what the budget is based on.
  • Banks:  RAF bank contacted the US banks earlier in the week . . . that they would be International

Ray:  I think two fundamental things have to take place.  1) Currency has to be International; 2) change in value of currency.  We’ve been led to believe they will happen at the same time.  But seeing things take place, that might not be the case.
Clearly the currency is being traded and we thought that would be it, but have to figure the nuances in this.  It’s possible we could be sitting here Monday.  Everything flowing like milk and honey but the rate still not here.
INTERNATIONAL:  Ray: Rates being seen in other countries.

  • Iran:  pretty much waiting for the same thing as Iraq.
  • Rates:  others reporting a $3.71 rate showing. When Ray talked with Tony, Tony reminded Ray he gave that same rate/info previously.


  • Banks: Ray:  Banks are ready. 
  • Groups: In talking with banks they know nothing about any groups.  Ray was questioned about a WF group and he knows nothing about a WF group.


Ray:  It’s Friday afternoon and time to get the weekend started.  Looking for this even this afternoon?  I am.  Those memos said anytime from now to such and such date.  It could happen.  It could happen Monday. Whenever it does happen we will send out a text to let you know.  Discuss stratgeies, actions, 800 #’s etc.,  we will put out as we acquire it.  Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your weekend.  And let patience and perseverance be your best friend. . . Keep the faith.  Keep hanging in there.  Of all things, believe.