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TNT Call notes 9-January-2016

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Marvelous Monday, January 9, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  We are still looking for the public release of the RV.  Let’s recap, because we don’t have anything new for you today.  I thought we’d still have a call, because something might pop in.

As I sent out over the weekend, I was told that the Budget would be released in the Gazette “in the coming days”, and a text version was sent out.  We are still expecting that any day, so that we can see if there is something there that pertains to us.  We were also told that the citizens are expecting ‘an event’ on Monday, today.  It’s Monday evening there and no event has shown up so far.  There has been progress in Mosul.  I have to do more homework on this ‘equal transfer’ in the financial system to find out what that means.

Banks that used to say No that are now saying Yes:  I’ve already shared there are 13 banks, with two credit unions now.  Before they weren’t touching dinar with a ten-foot pole, and now it’s no big deal.  There are also four or five currency companies that deal with the dinar.  You already know that you can buy dinar on the internet, no problem, but this is a change for these foreign exchange companies.  We give you this information as part of our training so that you can be better informed before exchange.  We share this for those who have trouble believing this is real – it’s one more thing to let you know you are on the right road, in the right car, with the right people.  If you don’t believe it’s real now, you ARE in the wrong place.  There are banks buying and selling dinar – at a low rate, so don’t run down there unless you want to exchange right now.  The reason we don’t tell you which banks is because you won’t want to exchange dinar until this goes public, and some people call the bank at all hours and make a nuisance of themselves.  So the members tell me, and I tell you, but I’m not giving the details because some people will not behave.  I give this to the members so that when new details and strategies show up, we can be calm with it and not run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Yes, some are in desperate situations, but you have to figure out a solution for your situation.  This call is about information that benefits the many, so you can plan for you and your family.  Desperate people have to find their own solutions, and yes, you might lose your home in the process.  You won’t be the first to lose a house, a car, a spouse because they don’t believe in this RV.  If you are on the brink of foreclosure, well, many have survived that.  You can come on the forum and hear their cheerful voices.  They are living in cars, with friends, but they are still looking forward to their exchange.  Don’t expect TNT to relieve your frustration!  If necessary, get a job!

We share the information to keep the membership intact and on the right tack.  Yes, this is real, and it is coming.  Every so often, something pops and a select few can do some-thing that the rest of us cannot.  We can put that news out so that the few can benefit and the rest can be happy for them, or to not put it out, and then nobody benefits.  I chose the first:  if this applies, here is something for you.  If it’s not for you, not your time yet, then stay in your own lane.  When it is your turn, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

Right now, members have received over $100,000 in this process while we were waiting for the public release.  There are always opportunities showing up in ever day, while we are waiting for this.  Let’s push out one crab even if it doesn’t help the rest of us.  Every crab we help to escape from the bucket will help the others still in the bucket.  Sharing the information and helping each other is always a good idea.  As long as our members keep benefiting from the training here, I’m happy.  If you don’t like what we say here, why are you still here?

We had some nice information come to us on Friday evening.  We learned about some folks with the opportunity to exchange dinar at $1+ — for different exchanges, each at a slightly different rate.  We are looking for more information today to see if there is still a window of opportunity that members can take advantage of.  If we learn something good, you know that we will put it out there so that you can take advantage of it, if it fits.  Over a year ago, I gave you a homework assignment because I was told certain things would happen.  I created a lesson plan, so that if I cannot tell you something directly, you will not be caught with your pants down.  The assignment was to find out which banks in your area deal with foreign currencies – and, in addition, do they verify those currencies on-site.  You should know that if I give you a specific assignment, there must be a reason.  Even if you don’t know the reason, isn’t it better to be prepared for the reality?  There is a method to the madness, and in the end you will learn why you were told to do something AND you will be in a better position to benefit from it.  The early bird catches the worm, but the informed bird catches any worm, at any time of day.

My job is to get you ready, and help you BE ready when the RV happens.  Some of you said you were ready, but when the opportunity came to make $6,000, you weren’t ready.  We’ll find out what we can about the $1 deal and whether more of us can take advantage of it.  If you did the assignment, you already know what banks will exchange foreign currency.  So check with the bank you have already talked to, and see if there is any change in policy.  Maybe one of your local banks is doing that.  It’s not enough to say “I’ll go wherever it is”, because that may not be feasible – it may be something they are only offering their existing, local customers.  Let us find out more details, instead of bombard-ing any one institution.  In the past, the banks pulled back because they were so over-whelmed by calls – and I know you don’t want to create that storm.  I know it’s better to surround myself with people who know what I don’t know, and then I’m the conduit to you.  I don’t know everything, but if I say “I got you”, you have to accept that, and trust an believe that we have your bank, and will give you the what information we can in a way so that you can benefit.  That’s what this is about:  moving forward step by step until we get there.

I don’t think I gave you anything brand new… not yet.  There are some new bank contacts, and this is just getting better and better in terms of what we learn post-RV as well as pre-RV.  We are getting very good indications that the banks know and believe in something;  we will share it when it’s appropriate to move it out the masses.  Just make sure you are in the right place and the right time, so that you can hear the information being shared and apply it correctly.

There is an email address that is for PayPal.  I have to tell you that I don’t see those, and we don’t have staff in place to answer emails that fall over there.  Please stop sending emails to the dedicated PayPal account, because no one is reading there.  That is just for PayPal.  We are not ignoring you, we just don’t go to that email address – it’s like a ghost account for us.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Is it ok to list the banks that are accepting and exchanging dinar?  A:  Asked and answered.

Q:  Any new information on the project to delete the zeros? What about any new info on the lower denominations?  A:  No new information on either of those issues.

Q:  We hear about the banks expectations based upon what they are told by higher ups;  are these higher ups the same as the ones who hold the timing of release?  If not do you hear from these entities at all?  And what kind of timeline do they give?  A:  I have no idea if those ‘higher ups’ have anything to do with timing.  I don’t hear anything from those ‘higher ups’ at the bank, such as the CEOs of the banks.

Q:  What is the significance of the currency exchangers buying and selling dinar.  They have been doing that for years, have they not?  A:  Currency exchanges – some have stopped selling dinars, some have not.  Most banks have NOT being buying or selling dinar for the last couple of years, maybe from 2010?  If you are looking to exchange a particular currency and the bank is saying “it’s a scam, it’s on the black list”, then people will be discouraged from buying or keeping their currencies.  That made it difficult for some people to keep their focus or stay in the game, because friends and families and banks were saying “this is a bad idea”.  Now, some of those banks who said they would never touch dinar are now on my list of banks saying, “Yes, we will.”  Why is that?  1)  Either they were wrong in the very beginning, or 2) things changed, so what was taboo yesterday is acceptable today.  So sit tight, don’t sell or give away your currency.  Things will change, and things have changed.  Before we know it, we’ll be at the bank laughing at what we’ve been through these last five, ten, fourteen years.

Q:  My question is in regards to the Afghani. Is there an expectation that the large Afghani notes like the 10K, will be reinstated? The smaller Afghani notes (1’s, 5’s etc. ) are already internationally traded,  any expectations on the three-zero Afghanis?  A:  That would be the 10,000 Afghani notes. I  have members who have exchanged on 10K Afghani notes.  Some are experiencing complications, and some are not, they’ve had cash in their accounts for weeks, and they’ve leveraged that money into a stronger position.  Try it!  If the banks say Yes, go with it.  If not, they will in due course.

Q:  If you haven’t already answered this question during the first part of your call, are we expected to wait another week, or is this our week?  A:  I have no freaking idea.  That’s the easiest way to answer that question.  I’d like to think this is our week, but I have no specific information saying this is it. The bank people expect it, but they’ve expected it every day for most of December.  They cannot name the date, but as long as they are optimistic and more banks are exchanging (even at a low rate), I’m happier than if they were saying ‘no way’.  All my information is saying Now;  Iraqi sources are saying that it IS in the Budget, and they don’t know why that is being delayed.  What if it’s in the Budget and we still can’t go to the bank.   Reality tells me the currency is being used again, and when we can go to the bank is anyone’s guess. I’m still in the game, and if there is an opportunity to leverage what I have, then I’ll take it while I’m waiting.  Sooner or later you will have the opportunity to exchange at a rate that pleases you.  Some of us are saying “if I can make a million dollars while I’m waiting, then I’ll take it”.  For everyone else, it’s a waiting game…

Q:  Would it possible to exchange a single 25K note for five 5K notes.  So he can give to five  friends to test the waters of the banks?  A:  I don’t see the reasoning behind that – we can tell you what the deal is and you can then go do it.  I don’t see how you can change a 25K note for 5K notes unless you go to a dealer or a bank that has those notes.  If you do, you’ll probably have to pay a premium.

Q:  If they are removing the three 000 and the notes become 25$ how will that work for all of the people in the us please explain is it 25$ times 3$ plus meaning 90$ a note because I’m confused with the math.  I’m sure I’m not the only one please help us understand how that works.  A:  Removing three zeros is something Iraq is only doing IN-COUNTRY.  The notes you take to the US bank will not go back to Iraq;  they will be incinerated.  We have been grandfathered in to an exchange rate, which has been pre-negotiated.  That three-zero lop doesn’t mean anything to us in the USA.

Q: Trying to avoid foreclosure… is it possible to learn the bank branch that exchanged?  I could use the help.  A:  I understand, a lot of people need help, but NO.  You need to talk to banks in your vicinity;  if they cannot help you, I don’t see how a bank five states away can help.  Let me find out what is possible and I will then tell you (in a general sense).  The 13 banks that are buying and selling dinar are doing so at the rate you bought it, which is not going to help you very much.  You don’t want to get rid of an appreciating asset.  That is just a lost opportunity out the window and immediate gain out the window, because you took an appreciating asset and liquidated it.  Don’t do that!  Find something else to get rid off.  I would sell my washing machine before selling my currency – I can always use the launderette.  Sell your dryer and dry your clothes outdoors!  Get rid of a liability or a non-appreciating asset before you get rid of an appreciating asset.  A washer or dryer – those are luxury items.  You can do without those, but don’t get rid of something that will benefit you, just for a few dollars now.

Q1:  My son is a very mature 13 year old.  He is already creating business ideas as he is definitely a future entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He knows all about the RV/GCR and the various currencies and has bought some currencies on his own with money he has earned.  I have also gifted a small amount to him.  Will he himself be able to exchange his currency or will I need to exchange everything for him?  Will he be able to attend the exchange at all since he is under legal age?  A:  Is he already involved in banking?  If so, how are you involved in his banking?  As a minor, you probably have to accompany him to the appointment.

Q2:  Next, my daughter is a college student.  She too has bought currencies and has received gifted currency. We were hoping the exchange process would occur while she was on this current winter break; but looks like she will need to return to school before the RV/GCR happens for us.  What do you suggest we do so that I can exchange her currency for her?  A:  If she is under 18, I’m assuming the same as for the 13-year-old.  If she is over 18, she can handle her affairs herself.

Q3:  Is there any current information on whether both spouses need to be present to exchange at the initial appointment?  My husband works out of state and may take time to return for the exchange.  Can I exchange currency for him that was bought in his name?  A:  If you sign an NDA, your spouse has to sign it as well before any funds can be released.  I know one person who exchanged, and he couldn’t get his money until his wife signed a few days later.  If you have a joint account, then I think you can do the exchange for him;  if you have individual accounts, you will probably need a Power of Attorney to exchange for him.

Q4:  Several years ago I was advised to buy smaller Dinar denominations (the 250 dinar & 500 dinar notes) as they would be like “holding a gold note” since Dinar was going gold backed.  I bought some of those for myself and both my children. Now that we hear that most currencies will be asset-backed do you think that we should hold on to those 250 & 500 dinar notes for many years in the future?  Or it is a bad idea since Iraq is coming out with some new currency?  A:  Where do you guys get all this stuff from?!  I am contemplating being involved with dinar in some capacity for one to three years, but it won’t be in paper, where I have to worry about something that might be outdated.  I will digitize the currency – make it electronic – so that I’m completely flexible in the future.  You might want to consider the same.

Q:  Are the thirteen banks now dealing with IQD US banks only or are they global institutions?  A:  I’m only being informed about US locations.

Q:  [A rate of] $1.00 is a credit relief for us.  Where can this be exchanged? I will go anywhere we need to go.  A:

Q:  1) Per your exchange have you heard of  how good security will be at the exchange centers and banks?  A:  The exchanges I’m hearing from members, I’m sure that security was there but they didn’t mention it.

2) Post RV, would you recommend having more than one accountant to oversee your portfolio?  A:  Yes, I’d have one overseeing the other until I’ve learned how to supervise it myself.

3) If you can share, when OZ rings the bell for dinar exchange, how are you going to present yourself that day?  A:  Who is Oz?  I’m not sure of your question.

Q:  How will the international rate of any currency affect the current rate of say the Jamaican dollar?  if someone in Jamaica goes to exchange say 100,000 dong and the dong rate is .47 what would the rate convert to for that person if every US dollar converts to about $120 Jamaican dollars right now? A:  Grab a calculator and do the math yourself.

Q:  if we have an opportunity to exchange a few 25k dinar notes at this time to hold us over will we be locked in at the low rate when the public release happens?  A:  I can’t believe people are still thinking this way.  If there is a law that says that, have them show you that.  Otherwise, I cannot see that you would be locked into a low rate.  Challenge that agreement, if it comes up.

Q:  I lost my job three months ago, I have millions of Dinar. We have a Wells Fargo exchange center in our area. I need to exchange a couple of 25,000 notes to pay of the wolves at the door.  A:  Anyone in a financial bind, you need to correct that as best you can.  If there is no other recourse than to sell an appreciating asset, then that’s what you do.

Q + A Callers

865/404 caller:  There is a question you skipped about the low ceilings at the credit unions;  what do people need to look at with credit unions so that they can use them in the best way.  If someone has a fair amount of currency, they might find themselves having to deal with 40 or 50 credit unions – how to work around that?

RayRen:  If your credit union has a ceiling, see what it is and work with that as required.  I was just sharing that credit unions are accepting dinar so that you can feel reassured that this is real.  I suspect many will NOT go to a credit union;  I don’t know any advantage of credit unions over banks, but some people have accounts there.  Of course your credit union might decide to exchange for two days, so you might want to check in with them… not that everyone has to respond/react on every piece of intel that we share.  No everything applies all 20,000 people on this call equally.

Caller:  How relevant is the Dow going to 20,000 to this RV/GCR process?

RayRen:  No one has communicated any significance or connection between the Dow and the RV.  So it has no relevance to me.

Caller:  What about this $1+ rate?  And how many post-RV trainings will you hold?

RayRen:  Re:  the $1 rate, n retrospect, I don’t think we should have let that out without more confirmation.  I believe we’ll do 6-8 post-RV trainings.

416 caller:  Do we know for sure some people exchanged for $1+?  It would be great for those that need to cash in one 25K note to tide them over.

RayRen:  I do believe that and we’re waiting for information to provide so that others can do it.  Tiding themselves over… you’re focusing on the wrong thing.  But my job is to teach and share, and people will do what they will with that.  We are trying to teach people to be more creative and crafty, but be that as it may, we’ll do our best.

610 caller:  Go to and click the red donate button.

RayRen:  I will set up the replay with the members’ questions later so you can hear it.

918 caller:  On Sunday’s update, about Mosul on Iraqi television, is it safe to say that the 72-hour moratorium on talking about Mosul is over?  [Yes.]  News about the Budget, is that from one your sources?  [Yes.]

507 caller:  When you talk about the three zeros not affecting us in the US, do you have a law that supports that?  [No.]  Can I donate a dinar or zim note to support TNT?

RayRen:  I would prefer that you NOT do that.  We understand if you don’t have dollars, everyone has a different situation, but that would contradict what I just said about giving away an appreciating asset.  If you send it to me, I couldn’t use it to pay the bills anyway, so it would defeat the purpose anyway, unless I went and exchanged it.  I would let this system go down than let you guys give away your currency.

Closing Statement

There are many opportunities to leverage, but we don’t want to exchange currencies unless there is absolutely no other option (for settling debts or paying bills).  Compare what you have learned today against what you need to do tomorrow.  I fear some of you may be doing that and you will lose in the long run.  I know a lot of you don’t know some of the things I am privileged to learn and know, and that’s why I communicate it.  I know it goes against the grain for how some of you have been brought up to do things.  You have to do things differently to get a different result from what you’ve done in the past. If you have never thought about lost opportunities before, for instance, you will do what you’ve done before, and you will lose on a larger scale.  Instead of losing a 1,600 square foot home, you’ll lose a 3,000 square foot home, etc.  I’m telling you all this so that you can look after your future, because I care about the members.  I will gladly spend a lot of time listening, learning and caring.  It’s not for my benefit, it’s for yours. You’ve all had a teacher who has theirs – they are getting paid, and they don’t care if you get it or not.  I get all this information, so I’ve got mine.  If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t be spending my time telling you, because I already have what I need for me.  I’m just waiting for the RV!  What do you have?  People won’t care about what you know, until they know how much you care.

Now we wait, and I don’t know how much longer.  We have two choices:  to wait or to jump off the ride.  I am in the right place at the right time, and it’s coming.  Any time I can get up, wake up and look up, every day I don’t see the public RV, then I ask what opportunity may come today.  I may already know, but I can tell you.  The opportunity may not be within my grasp, but it might help you.  I’m telling you because I care, and because I believe.

RayRen played I Believe

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